EXPLOSIVE EXCHANGE: Sanders SHUTS DOWN CNN’s April Ryan on Live-TV | Sean Hannity

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders utterly-unloaded on CNN’s April Ryan Tuesday after the reporter repeatedly interrupted the senior Trump aide; blasting the journalist for “rudely interrupting her colleagues” during the daily briefing.

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The main goal for April Ryan and other reporters who share her political views is to cause social instability through subversive and divisive rhetoric. They know that ridicule is the most potent weapon, too. There is no defense for ridicule. It is irrational. It is infuriating.

If it were Fox News asking a Democratic press sec, your headline would have been: “Press Sec refuses to answer our reporter’s simple question!!”

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Do you have an example of Fox news being this obnoxious and disrespectful to the press secretary to back up that claim, because as far as I know it hasn’t happened. There is a reason Ryan and Acosta are the only 2 names most people really know from the Press Briefings, because they interrupt and speak over their colleagues and the press secretary. April Ryan should be tossed out on her ass. Should respect decorum, the same as in court or any other government setting, or simply be removed.

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April doesn’t understand (along with the MSM) that “taking the knee” to protest police-involved shootings is completely misdirected. The Nation, represented by the anthem and flag, has NOTHING to do with rogue police shootings.

That’s the problem with the left you try to justify what was totally out of line by deflecting to well if this was FOX NEWS Well it’s not and when you are outright rude and disrespectful not only to sec Sanders but her colleagues just shows that she is a slimy bottom dwelling feeder that doesn’t care about the news

I just sent the following to CNN contact page…April Ryan’s rude and disgusting behavior in the White House briefing yesterday is just one more reason in an endless line of reasons why CNN has no credibility with me, one of millions of we, the people. Your reporters do not seem to “get it”. President Trump won the election and you give us countless demonstrations of why I am thankful every single day that your side did NOT win. Start being respectful and fair…if you can’t, you are going to become more and more irrelevant, if that’s even possible. You wonder why your ratings are so awful? We don’t believe you anymore and we certainly do not need you.

I just heard this. Its about time she just said it.

So proud of Sarah yesterday. She controls herself better than I would do.

We need to have a discussion on “police brutality”. I wish Fox would do a town meeting on the subject. My stance is that in almost every case that I’ve seen brought up, there is resistance by the subject. I think it would be good to try to change the narrative to teaching people what to do when they are stopped by police. The whole NFL dispute is based on this and in most cases its a lie.
In the town meeting, we should discuss WHY police are quick to react in a physical way. My belief is they are taught not to trust these people because those people have been taught not to trust the police. There is an underlying hatred by blacks to authority. They have been told that every cop is out to get them. Every cop has had the years of experience of having to deal with people who doesn’t respect them. I believe what Jesse Lee Peterson says, it starts with teaching our sons respect.

April needs to shut her “pie hole” and just get a job she Might be qualified to do… just saying…

Nice try.
Ryan has a far left wing agenda/bias. She and other members of the WH press corps continually report only negative stories on this Admin.
Ryan tried to take over the news conference by interrupting and talking over The Press Secretary and a fellow reporter.
Ryan was shut down because she breached etiquette an decorum.