EXPLOSIVE EXCHANGE: Huckabee Sanders SCORCHES Reporter over Immigration | Sean Hannity

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders got into a fiery exchange with a reporter Thursday, slamming the journalist after he repeatedly harassed the Trump aide over the administration’s immigration policy.

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Him Acosta are ving for their own TV show…

Sara should just start having these rude unruly reporters escorted out of the press conferences. This behavior is ignorant and self serving.

Guess working for a misogynist magazine gives him the great “character” to judge what Trump does with illegals. Sit down, shut up!

Thank you for not using the name of this self-aggrandizing prick.

Using the long-running practice of separating children from their parents whenever the parents commit a crime, to slander our president, the most moral man in America; well it’s shameful. Just shameful.

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