Explain precisely how Roseanne Barr's is racist

I didn’t see racism in that either, “hood rats” are animals, not a race.

Animals, not a race of humans. Ugly animals. She was saying VJ is ugly. Have you see photos of ISIS fighters, they’re ugly too.

There was no reference to black, nothing about race. She was calling VJ ugly, period.

When I read “hood rats” I thought of a comedian who joked the rats in his neighborhood were as big as cats.

I didn’t think race at all.

You can’t prove lynchings of Negroes in the 1920’s, 30’s, etc. were racist. Race wasn’t mentioned, for the most part., just a body hanging from a tree. By your standard, is it reasonable to say that those lynchings weren’t “provably” racist?

It was equating Michelle, Sasha, and Malia as rats from the ghetto.

But hey, race wasn’t mentioned.

Racist, intentional or not yes that was racist what the hell was she thinking.

this is truth.
But what they don’t realize is that the racist is the deep deep shadowy part of them. But sure enough, the loving and naive and innocent person who sees “ape” juxtaposed with any human is not going to be thinking “color of skin, color of skin, color of skin”. They won’t feel any more awkward with black people present than with white people present when the ape human comparison/joke/insult is made.
Only those who harbor that connection in their own deep recesses will shirk away ashamed, afraid, and judgemental over their perception of a race based insult.

Okay people

Listen, read and pay attention.

Address the post not the poster or a who bunch of you will be experiencing what this board calls being silenced for a while.

address the post, NOT THE POSTER.

If you aren’t racist, the tweet won’t appear racist.

She didn’t mention a race, therefore it wasn’t racist.

You have to “read in” race to see racism, therefore those who see racism are reading into it their own racism.

She referred to a black woman as an ape. According to you, that is not racist?

I’d still like you to answer this question: So according to you. If a black man is called a ■■■■■■■ monkey, the comment is not racist, because his race is never mentioned?

or Sneaky’s comment calling a Mexican a wetback.

literal argument is fairly boring…Sadly i guess you got the board to play into your trolling

No, she didn’t refer to a Black woman at all. She referred to VJ. That doesn’t spell “black”.

You are reading into her tweet “black”, therefore you are reading into it your own racism.

I should know better by now, but man, does racist ■■■■ get my blood boiling.

VJ is Valerie Jarrett, who is a black woman.

Still don’t see the racism, except in your projection.

I think it’s an act. He plays the outlandish contrarian to bait people into participating in his ridiculous threads. This could have easily been a part of the existing Roseanne thread, but Alfie wouldn’t have garnered anywhere near the amount of attention he is here.

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this isnt the OP being Racist. This is the OP trolling just to annoy you guys. There was never any intent for Bornagain to admit this was racist…wasnt the agenda

But she didn’t reference that. Therefore, she was speaking about looks and its your assumption that it refers to her race.

I think it refers to her being ugly, which frankly is a little bit harsh. But it was said as a joke. Jokes usually do exaggerate to be funny. And I saw some lefties chuckle when they first heard it. Then they realized the pc police might see them, and they quickly mounted their high horse. Cowards.

Thread closed and most likely will be deleted.

One person got a siginificant sanction from the thread. Others may be coming.

Address the post not the poster UNDERSTAND PEOPLE?