Explain it like I'm 5: What's the upside of pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal?

I’m just really curious as to why we’re doing this other than “It was an Obama deal”.

It makes me feel strong

I second this question. While I was not a fan of the agreement when it was developed, I have to admit that it has served the objective for which it was designed. So, what is in it for us exactly, by withdrawing here?

There is no upside. Period.

Lib head explosions and the taste of their tears.

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It makes it clear that the only way Iran is going to avoid sanctions from the United States is to make a legitimate and meaningful deal.

Iran is always on the edge of disaster, economically. We can and will hurt them. The last few national protests were over the economic condition of the country.


Why stay in a deal that only forestalls the inevitable? What was the point of that? Hand off the problem to another president to deal with?

Obama seemed to do that a lot.


It’s been too long since we’ve been in a good war. Syria is child’s play.

Who said anything about war?


lets assume that europe russia and china continue with the deal. whats the upside for the US. the rest of the world can continue business as usual with iran unless the US tries to sanction european countries.

and in that case Iran would develop a nuke as fast as they could. possibly even buy one from north korea.
and the US would have no way short of war to stop them

Trump will get a better deal just like how he made Mexico pay for the wall

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Trump’s current NSA.

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John Bolton


All this does is weaken the US in any future negotiations with Iran. Iranian officials can now say, with merit, “why should we trust anything an official of the United States says? You guys already went back on your word once.”

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john bolton

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We have to wait to see who eventually joins us but we alone are huge when it comes to sanctioning Iran. We can hurt them a lot more than anyone else can help them and no one has any need to help them overcome what we do to them and risk losing our friendship or cooperation - certainly not our European allies.

Check the date.

I’m talking about a response based on what Trump is willing to do - not what Obama was unwilling to do.

I saw Trump’s speech today. He is the president and he said nothing about going to war.


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No, no.

That’s pretty much it.