EXODUS: Polls Show ‘HALF’ of San Francisco Residents Plan ‘TO LEAVE’

Originally published at: https://www.hannity.com/media-room/exodus-polls-show-half-of-san-francisco-residents-plan-to-leave/

A stunning new poll released this week shows nearly half of San Francisco’s residents want to leave the city; saying the region’s rising costs, soaring crime, and rampant homelessness make the area nearly inhospitable.

According to the new data, just 25% of those asked believe San Francisco and its surrounding towns are “moving in the right direction,” with a staggering 55% saying the area has gone “seriously off on the wrong track.”

Even worse, a whopping 46% of residents said they “agree” with the statement “I am likely to move out of the Bay Area in the next few years.”

The survey, released by EMC Research, further fuels growing speculation the Bay Area is heading towards an all-out crisis as more and more residents leave the region for other areas of the country.

Over the weekend, Governor Jerry Brown unveiled yet another tax scheme; this time raising prices on the state’s “drinking water” to help finance new infrastructure projects.

Read the poll here.

h/t Sacramento Bee

A “me too” movement?

Perhaps the OP could take a look at the poll and reflect on the actual poll results before implying that crime and homeless are the key reasons people are considering leaving. 78% of the reasons: housing prices, congestion, cost of living and overpopulation.

In other words . . . things that are the result of so many people WANTING TO LIVE HERE, the opposite of what the OP is trying to imply.

Yet it costs a million to buy a single family home in San Francisco all while population continues to increase because so many people want to live there.

A million? Good luck with that . . . .