Executive Privilege or Hatch Act Violation?

LOL… The argument in court does not seem to be about executive privilege. What a completely stupid argument to take to a judge. They are virtually admitting that Garlands refusal to turn the recording over, and subsequent contempt of congress is nothing more than an attempt to prevent embarrassment to the President before the election. And Biden’s claim of privilege is nothing more than obstruction of justice to shield Garland

They know they’re going to lose and are preparing the deny, deny, deny defense!


Their “transcript” that they provided to Congress at the last minute before hur’s testimony, was incomplete and inaccurate.

Who saw this coming??


I’m shocked!

Good reason to need the recordings. Valid request and since the transcript is out there, executive privilege is already waived. Hence this desperate argument from DoJ acting as Biden’s campaign lawyers. Couldn’t be a more obvious breach of the hatch act.


…or was purposefully misrepresented because the actual audio is devastating?

How can someone be too senile to be held responsible in a court of law but mentally capable of being the POTUS?

As neither the President nor the Vice President are bound under the Hatch Act, how is it a violation?

I didn’t say Biden was guilty of it, Garland is. Biden is guilty of obstruction of justice in making this invalid and frivolous executive privilege claim for no other purpose than to shield Garland.

It’s clear. Garlands refusal to release a recording for which the information on it executive privilege has already been waived for no other reason than to protect the president from embarrassment in the election is in violation of the hatch act. Congress rightly held him in contempt, and to shield him from the contempt citation Biden makes an invalid claim of executive privilege, which would be obstruction of Justice

And the court can then state it is invalid and order the recording released. President Biden should be held to the same standard all former presidents were and charged according to applicable law.

Democrat privilege.

Which won’t matter one bit to the charges.

Garland: Contempt of Congress; Hatch Act
Biden: Obstruction of Justice

I see the left has not been supplied with their opinion on this yet. Don’t worry lefties, they will give you your opinion once Trump’s new AG is sworn in.

Retribution is coming

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Well… that’s not disturbing at all.

According to the DOJ, Hur read the transcript and validated it accurately reflected the interview.

According to the doj and hur, biden can’t be charged because he’s an elderly man with a poor memory.


You intimated that the transcript was inaccurate. It wasn’t. Hur validated it, it is word for word. The only reason the GOP wants the tape recordings are for political purposes. They want to snip parts that make Biden sound the worst and leave out the parts where Biden is better spoken. You guys see this all the time with Dems and Trump, they only show his worst parts in a speech.

But there’s no purpose to them otherwise, the Congress has an accurate transcription and that is technically all they need to move forward.

be disturbed, be very disturbed.

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The DoJ admitted it had “minor” alterations.

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Ah yes, retribution.

And which article in the Constitution addressee the Executive Power of RETRIBUTION?

ask your democrat pals, because everything happening now is nothing but retribution for beating queen hillary

Other than the lie Trump spread that Bragg campaigned on “getting Trump” can you back the statement up with anything substantive?

How is Trump’s recent conviction in New York different than the thousand other cases of falsifying business records prosecuted by Bragg’s office? Or do you think all thousand cases were in some way connected to Hillary Clinton?

  1. there are not thousands of cases
  2. none of them related to election law
  3. none of them used federal law as a predicate
  4. Bragg did campaign on getting Trump