EXCLUSIVE: Trump says he would take information again if foreigners offered dirt on opponents

Two-tier how? (I suspect this won’t get answered either.) There was no two-tier.

And just to be clear … my peppering of questions to you wasn’t to bug you. I was trying to get specifics on what you were stating so I could respond.

The point isn’t whether any information is worth reporting.

The fact that a foreign government/entity contacts a campaign at all should be reported. What they offer isn’t relevant to the national security issue of foreign interference in our election process.

Trump is dumbing down America and not without help.

Is the FEC chair a judge?

I never attended a briefing for people who held clearances where anyone was asked about their political views. We were Americans responsible for National Security… not people blinded by partisanship.


That’s what really bothers me about the whole Strzok-Page meme that keeps getting brought up. And it’s funny that you saw on this forum this week people saying that well, Kellyanne Conway, despite breaking the law as she did, has First Amendment rights. Well, so did Strzok and Page. And they were unjustly just made scapegoats by the right wing media.



Because that’s what he heard on the radio.


Oh look…more insults from residential lib.

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Don’t know that anyone has mentioned this, but it’s amazing that Laura Ingraham criticized the interview on Fox saying “Setting aside the question of why you would have George Stephanopoulos standing over the president in the Oval Office––I don’t know who approved that––what about this notion of accepting foreign Intel about an opponent? Is that a risk for President Trump, getting pulled back into Mueller? Again, why he was put in that situation is beyond me.”

Her comments clearly show a lack of understanding of journalism. Journalists don’t ask their subjects to approve questions. And the meeting was taped in the Oval Office. Trump had the option of sitting somewhere besides the desk. He, of all people, knows about photo angles.

Her question, though, about getting pulled back into Mueller is legitimate but irrelevant as criticism – unless she is hoping that the president gets overriding approval of everything about interviews. Sorry, Laura, that’s not how things work among real journalists.

Sounds like her whole criticism was because she didn’t get the interview. You got scooped, Laura. Live with it.

Then he and you can show me when it ever has been by citing prior precedent.

No, my position doesn’t change based on what Trump’s position is, sorry.

from https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/pelosi-vicente-fox-plot-to-defeat-trump-mexican-calls-trump-voters-lazy-drunks

Pelosi, Vicente Fox plot to defeat Trump, Mexican calls Trump voters lazy drunks

by Paul Bedard

& Sean Langille

| May 06, 2016 03:39 PM

Lol, so when is Pelosi going to jail?

Only libs are allowed to colluded with foreign nationalist…no others are allowed.

This is all the proof you need.

Ok. Lets see. One of the reasons. Look above. Hmmm? You voted for trump because people hate him? Shaggy Dog. Flower field. Cockroaches? Man Im trying to figure this out really I am.

Are you admitting something here?

That’s why Trump is on FoxNews tomorrow night after having given 30 hours of compete access to a FoxNews reporter.

Oh…wait…that was ABC.

Is there a warrant out for her? After all, the story must be true since it was in the right-wing Examiner. LOL.

And they would never make a mistake, would they?

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face: oh that is bee yute ee full. Thank you so much.

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