EXCLUSIVE: Mark Levin Stops by ‘Hannity’ to Discuss His Latest Bestseller and the Russia Probe

Originally published at: EXCLUSIVE: Mark Levin Stops by ‘Hannity’ to Discuss His Latest Bestseller and the Russia Probe | Sean Hannity

The ‘Great One’ Mark Levin spoke with Sean Hannity Monday night for an exclusive one-hour interview; discussing his bestselling new book ‘Unfreedom of the Press’ and the current state of the mainstream media in America.

“Tonight, we’re holding the media in this country accountable as I sit down with the great one, Mark Levin, for an entire hour. His brand new book, ‘Unfreedom of the Press.’ And we’re going to take a journey that starts at this nation’s founding, remembering the once great press tradition in America and how it ended up becoming nothing more than an extension of the Democratic Party and all things left wing,” said Hannity.

“But today is very different. So, my first question is, why did you want that context in history there?” he asked.

“First, I wanted the American people to understand that freedom of the press is their freedom of the press. It doesn’t belong to CNN. It doesn’t belong to MSNBC. Free speech, freedom of the press, they’re both in the First Amendment for a reason,” said Levin.

“When this country was started, it was the pamphleteers, a handful of newspaper men, the printers. They were great, great presence. And these were the men who pushed for revolution, who pushed the ideas, who talked about philosophers like Locke and Montesquieu,” he added.

“They pushed these ideas. Thomas Paine was a great pamphleteer. There were many, many others. And what happened is people would read these, they talk about them at their pubs, at their homes, at their dinner table, and word would spread,” said ‘The Great One.’ “Common sense, Thomas Paine’s pamphlet, it’s estimated 120,000 people read it. It’s a country of about 2 million people. And by the time it was over, half a million people had read it. It had an enormous influence.”

Watch Levin’s exclusive interview on ‘Hannity’ above.