Exclusive: Jeff Bezos to meet with federal prosecutors on extortion and hacking claims

Federal prosecutors are seeking to determine if Bezos (and his security guy) are correct when they determined that Saudi Arabia hacked his devices and if the National Enquirer attempted to extort him.

It’s weird isn’t it. A lot of stuff keeps coming back to Saudi Arabia.

We should give them nuclear technology for some reason.

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Well that was some witty insight. Thank you for your contribution to this thread. Without it this tread would no doubt be a less interesting place.

As for the actual topic, I hope we do find out exactly what happened and who is responsible. And I also scratch my head and the slavish bowing to Saudi Arabia that the government is happy to do. They represent so much of what we oppose in a society yet every president ends up on their hands and knees in front of whoever the Prince du jour is. Kinda pathetic, really.

Coming back to Saudi Arabia.

And the Enquirer.

Bezos is a traitor and tyrant who belongs in prison.

Oh i have to hear this…

Please outline his traitorous acts and support your assertion that he belongs in prison, including exactly what laws he has broken.

Why is Bezos a traitor?

Dear leader doesn’t like him. Traitor!

It’s getting a bit crazy when people start calling those cross the President of the United States a traitor. That’s about as un-American as it gets.

They toss the word traitor around like they are playing corn hole


Link to his conviction for treason and credentials as head of state which entitle him to the title “tyrant” please?

That’s funny.

Says who? You??

Bezos will see a jail cell right after Hillary Clinton gets her cell.

Donald doesn’t like him,I think that sums up the evidence they need.

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It’s kind of funny after all the calls of “WITCH HUNT!!” against Trump for just an investigation. It would appear some want to accuse, try, convict, and imprison a private citizen just because Trump doesn’t like him.

Very true,it’s very sad behaviour but they’ll do anything to empathise with the leader.

Would anyone really be surprised if Donald Trump turned to one of his kids and said "Look, somebody shut Bezos the hell up!! I don’t care how you do it just get it done!!.?

Speaking of the National Enquirer.
Womp, womp.


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And didn’t this Bezos stuff, if true, violate AMI’s agreement with SDNY not to do stuff like this going forward?

Extorting and buy/kill and that kind of stuff?

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I’m sure it does.