EXCLUSIVE: Hannity Reacts to ‘No Collusion’ Mueller Report, ‘BLATANT ATTEMPT’ to Rig a US ELECTION | Sean Hannity

Special counsel Robert Mueller officially wrapped-up his two-year investigation into the Trump campaign Friday; informing the Department of Justice there was no evidence senior administration insiders -including President Trump and his family- “colluded” with Russian officials during the 2016 race for the White House.

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Our only hope is that Robert Barr talks with Huber and Horowitz to see what they have concluded then launches the most serious investigation into the Obama administration not excluding Obama and all the countless names of the DOJ, FBI, CIA, DNI that used their powerful positions to destroy President Donald J Trump.

Meanwhile FOX now has Donna Brazile the liar and traitor and “meddeler in the election” on it’s staff . . .

That was a stupid move by FOX. Like anyone wants to hear her worn out bologne.

All I can say right now is what a total waste of our (taxpayer) money. It really is appalling that we spent all this money and for what? To take down a duly elected president that we the people voted for. I feel like I live in China where I have no rights, no dignity, no freedom, and my voice is not heard because the MSM wants to dictate to me what I am allowed to hear and think!!! No way, never. We have children in this country going to school everyday with empty stomachs - think about that and what we just wasted money and time on!!!. Who is going to fight for us??? Conservative news and information needs to be able to inform us. Keep up the good work. Liz Misa

If this fiasco proved anything to us, (besides the Dems being completely corrupt!) it also proved that they are not responsible enough to be trusted with anything! Not financial matters, or being accountable to the American People!

Fake news Always Was, Is, & Will be corrupt along with the Left, DEMO’s, etc.