Exclusive: After Khashoggi murder, some Saudi royals turn against king’s favorite son

Video and audio surveillance. It’s on tape. It’s why after several lies the Saudi government finally had to come clean and admit to the murder. Because there are tapes of it man.

So again, why don’t you trust the Trump-led intelligence community? Is he too incompetent to lead them and be assured of confidence in their conclusions?


It’s kind of weird to watch republicans, the group that said they were most pissed about 9/11, cut the radical Islamists some slack. Especially when most of the 9/11 terrorists came from Saudi Arabia and the King’s son appears to be even more radical than them.

It won’t surprise me if this guy puts a hit out on an American President at some point in his lifetime.

Let’s see what we’re going to show the world.

I am still going to insist on some physical evidence to be conclusive.

I do wonder what the hurry is. The wheels of justice turn slowly.

Is the video and audio evidence not considered physical evidence for you? Is the admission by the Saudi government that he was in fact murdered, not enough evidence for you? I don’t get what your end game here is? Are you denying he was murdered?

I want physical evidence to corroborate the crime.

Like I pointed out earlier there are 3 very different reports on the fate of the corpse.

He’s not serious.


I still don’t follow your end game here. There is video evidence. Audio evidence. Trump has been briefed on both and confirms the legitimacy of it. The Saudi government admits that he was murdered. And you still are not sure if the man was killed? Without some sort of “physical evidence” whatever that means? Do you find your position even remotely logical?

Or under Obama, Bush, Clinton and Bush again…hell you get the picture.

So we"ve been told by a pathological liar. Let’s see it.

So who captured the images? Did Turkey set up clandestine recordings of dubious quality or did SA film it all and let it get pirated?

Not as clear cut as we would like.

I recall a video from NK that showed Warbier “stealing” NK propaganda. At least we all got to see that one.

Why would Saudi Arabia admit to this man being murdered, if the evidence were suspect? How do you explain away that one?

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Some folks are Trumpsplainin’ away an actual admission from the Saudi government. Makes no sense unless they actually approve of what the Saudis did.

The gruesome nature of the deed may have an especially macabre attraction for some.


You can’t trust the CIA

You cannot trust the CIA under Donald Trump’s leadership? You make a fair point. Trump is definitely that untrustworthy. Anything under his purview should be met with skepticism.

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You don’t trust the CIA who’s led by Gina Haspel and was appointed by fat donald? Why not?

Because they haven’t seen it and they’re taking Trump’s word for it?

Wouldn’t it be great if the Saudis took care of this and we didn’t have to get involved?

i’m digging this new hands off approach to the Islamists. maybe Trump Republicans will take the same approach to Iran.

They will need to kill him, not just remove him from power.