Exclusive: After Khashoggi murder, some Saudi royals turn against king’s favorite son

Looks like a coup may be coming in the Islamic kingdom. I’d say a bunch of people are getting ready to be chopped up.

And God help us if the madman son ever takes power.

No worries. Trump will probably put him in the cabinet. He loves bending over for the Saudis if it means money.

This is how the culture works.

We are not going to be able to effect it in any meaningful way. They will.

Imagine that.

Their Crown Prince is in trouble. Maybe our Clown Prince can help him out.


Then what would have been wrong with sanctioning MBS and declaring his role in this murder? Cancelling the $14B in arms sales, and maintaining our role as the global leader and promoter of liberty, morality, and American values?

It just makes no sense for Trump to have decided to kowtow to this murderer, unless he had other reasons. I suspect personal, financial reasons. Look at the connection between Trump and SA financially. Look at the connection between MBS and Kushner financially. There lies the real reason for Trump’s decision to sink our nation to yet another new low.


By doing nothing. Benign neglect is a technique.

The way this was done left no hard evidence to back up a hard line stance.

The whispers of the world will find the justice we all seek.

If only we could count on Donald to do nothing more than benign neglect.

True, unfortunately…

We are in possession of video and audio evidence. So what in the world do you mean there is no evidence?

Also the CIA has found direct ordering by MBS of this murder of a resident of the United States of America.

Then take it to the ICC.

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We have been told this. I would need to actually see it.

You don’t trust our intelligence agencies assessments under the leadership of Trump? Why?

I don’t trust what Turkey is handing over.

It’s not about trusting Turkey. It’s about trusting our intelligence community’s assessment of what they’ve received. Please explain why you don’t trust the Trump-led intelligence community.

Not a lick.

Do we have a corpse yet?

I have seen three very different reports SPECULATING that it was buried in a Turkish forest, dismembered and carried out in luggage, and dissolved in acid and poured down the drain.

I need some forensic evidence before I draw any hard conclusion. I am going to siggest our intelligence agencies are doing the same.

The CIA has already issued their conclusions. If you don’t trust the Trump-led CIA and their ability to assess the information they’ve received, then I guess I see why you won’t believe them. Is it because of Trump’s incompetence in leading these intelligence agencies that causes you to doubt them?

How could they do this without a corpse and no access to the murder scene?