Exactly how do most illegal immigrants survive here economically?


Oops. That’s what happens when one’s entire line of debate is trying to argue a technicality


So blame, and punish employers who pay tons of taxes for the failure of the govt to control the border…

Got it. Govt can do no wrong, kind of like a god, right?


A wall would help prevent that. Amazing you are only willing to use the law to punish our citizens.


Take away an illegals ability to find work and they wont come here…

As long as they can find work a wall wont be stopping anything.

Why should the American taxpayer be on the hook for business owners who break the law in order to make a buck at the expense of Americans.


How is a wall going to prevent an illegal immigrant (that is here on a visa overstay) from getting hired by an American individual/company?


No. Punish employers for breaking the law. Why are you only concerned when 1 person breaks the law but not someone else?


By adding the word “help”, I acknowledge their are more than one type of illegal… Reading comprehension is important…


Because on is a citizen and one is not…


It’s ok to break the law if you’re a US citizen? That’s some pretty solid logic



Republicans have disliked unions for decades for a variety of reasons, but one of the main reasons was more union members tend vote for Democrats. They knew if they get break up unions, it would help them win elections.

Two of the biggest unions used to be meat processing plants, and construction.
When Reagan signed the amnesty deal, they also stopped enforcing the law that could put employers in jail for hiring undocumented workers.

Fast forward 30 years, and their plan worked. Those unions are much weaker, and employers get cheap labor.

Win/win for corporate America, and Republicans.


Supply and demand. Business owners need something done, if there are tons of low skilled and poorly educated people available to do it, they will get it done cheep. If they have trouble finding someone who will do it cheep, they will pay more.
Business owners don’t generally raise salaries because they want to spread the wealth, they pay what they have to pay to get a job done.


I’m just saying, people giving too much money to the government is pretty low on the priorities of law enforcement.


One paid taxes to have border control and one didn’t. You want to punish employers for govt failure… Perfect…


So money makes law breaking OK. Got it… Sounds kind of greedy.


You need to read what is actually written.


They get given jobs at Trump organization owned golf clubs and Hotels Duh!!


Oh, he’s not alone.


The ones saying you’re not supposed to hire illegal aliens.


Ah…so you don’t think businesses who hire illegals should be held responsible, eh? Well then…you are one of the reasons that people try to come here illegally.


You beat me to it. If you read the last couple posts by that person…it’s not the breaking of the law, it’s more like “HEY! How come they get to break the law and I’m not allowed to!”