Exactly how do most illegal immigrants survive here economically?

One of the things that has often perplexed me is how is it that someone coming across the border with no specific marketable skills, little to no education, doesn’t speak the language, etc., manage to survive here economically? Are they all getting good paying jobs? According to many here they do not receive any form of welfare or public assistance? Well in NJ for example the cost of an apartment can run you $1,000/month, and in many cases that does not include utilities - heat, electricity, water/sewer, etc. - you do have to eat, which costs money. The math doesn’t seem to add up?

You assume that all don’t speak the language. I would disagree, many probably do to an extent.

Since most illegal aliens come in via visa overstays I doubt that language is a primary barrier and they probably are educated.

Many, of the people I assume you are talking about, probably do day labor working for cash under the table.

Then you have those that have purchased false documents to present to employers to complete the Federal Work Eligibility Form (I-9).

Then there are those with skills that work “contract job” where they aren’t an employee of a company but contract services. Since they are hired as contractors, the “employer” doesn’t have to complete an I-9.

As to housing, take a 3 bedroom house, split the cost between 15 people and shared costs go way down.


Doing all the jobs Americans won’t do for peanuts - like housekeeping at Trump properties, for instance.


I didn’t mention this group, “someone coming across the border”.

Ahhh - you know you have to cross a border to enter the country right?

If you come in from Mexico you cross a border.

If you drive in from Canada you cross a border.

If you fly in from France you cross a border - just at a higher altitude.


The farms here provide “shelter.” It is often terrible conditions with three workers sharing one mattress.

It’s also the same with the canning companies here.

Poultry processing plants, too.

Most illegals in my state work on farms or as hotel / service labor doing jobs the employers can’t find American workers to do at the wages they pay.

My opinion hasn’t changed in 20 years, if you want to stop illegal immigration start jailing those who employ them rather than throwing money at a wall.


Same here. All the big farms in the area have a few trailers pushed together on the property where they provide housing to the illegals that work their farm. No clue what the conditions are like inside having never been in one but you see them all over.

Ironically, the Central Valley here in CA hires lots of illegal farm laborers…while voting for tiny trump and other Republicans.

Do as I say, not as I do.

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I forget where I read it, but there are estimates that one in nine people living in Los Angeles are illegals, working the service industry.

None of this should be perplexing to you. Humans have figured out how to survive against great odds. This includes immigrants trying to survive in a new country. The answer is pretty obvious. They work multiple jobs and subject themselves to many levels of poverty. They make it work regardless. And you’re right, the math doesn’t add up but they survive.

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In many communities there are street corners where day laborers congregate. No one publicizes this but it is widely known. Construction crews, landscapers and the like come by in the morning and pick up the workers they need for the day. Everyone is paid in cash and, obviously, no one checks for papers. This is tolerated by local government and that tolerance doesn’t seem to me more likely in Democratic of Republican led municipalities.

Generally such work pays below minimum wage. I wonder how many people who are willing to spend billions on a wall would be upset if their city shut down the source of low cost people to mow lawns?

I know a guy who runs a construction company, and has several illegal immigrants working for him doing grunt work.

Ironically, he’s a big Trump supporter.

Half is not most. I see “most” increasingly used. It creates the impression that 90%+ are visa overstays.

I know a guy that owns a golf club in NJ, and has several illegal immigrants working for him doing grunt work.
Ironically, he’s fat donald.


The Trump Organization employed immigrants in the country illegally at one of its New Jersey golf clubs, according to a lawyer representing one former and one current employee.

Anibal Romero told NPR that his two clients worked using falsified papers at the Trump National Golf Club Bedminster in New Jersey and that he knows of other employees continuing to work at the club without legal documentation.


It’s easy with the vast conspiratorial network we’ve set up with some of us libs bringing them into welfare offices where the workers gleefully help us fake all of the necessary paperwork for them to live large in beautiful condos and drive pimped out SUVs.


Well, for jobs Americans won’t do for crappy wages.