Ex-Trump staffer out at CNN. Accused of slipping abortion pill to mistress

He had an affair with a Trump senior campaign adviser. He had another affair with a woman from a strip club. He slipped an abortion pill to the pregnant strip club worker. She aborted.

Party of family values.


This guy sounds like garbage.

I hope he never works again.

Me too.

I am curious if republicans here will call for murder charges.

If true he should be.

Are you calling it a murder?

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The old “ok for me, but not for thee” mentality is at it again,I see.

Only the best! And I tell you what, this guy perfectly represents Trumpism in all its vile and disgusting ways.


Second hand imaginings from a spurned mistress is gospel if it can be used it to damn a republican, who might get in the way of killing babies.

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Is what Jason Miller did murder?

Intentionally causing the loss of a fetus without the mother’s consent should be a crime. Many states will charge when a fetus is lost due to an act of violence or neglect.

So it’s murder…

If he did it, yup.

I’d like to hear it from the side-chick he did it to, as opposed to hearing it from the side-chick who is pissed that he didn’t ditch his wife for her.

In some states causing the loss of a fetus through an act of violence or negligence can result in charges up to murder, I believe.

Of course it’s a fetus that is lost, not a baby.

This same lovely gent, while married, schtupped and impregnated ex-transition advisor A.J. Delgado during the campaign, who had his son.

“My wife and I, along with our two daughters, are excited to welcome William into the world and into our family, and we appreciate the well wishes we’ve received from so many,” Miller said in a statement to Page Six, which first reported the news.

What a pig.

So only the host can murder a fetus?

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/ten char

Just your run of the mill Trumpist! Total disregard for everybody but himself.

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Fox News will hire him, probably.


That is how Family Values Republicans talk now.

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It it’s true, Is what Jason Miller did murder?