Ex-Trump adviser tells black Fox News guest he's out of his 'cotton-picking

It’s outrageously high to me.

Well… go on not being polite to people.

That is your choice.

Just don’t act surprised and be offended yourself if people think that you are an ■■■■■■■.

Have you said it to a black person?

No. But I’m half black and don’t find it offensive.

I’m sure it actually is a racial term but I’ve heard it said my entire life. Even black people say it around here.

When i lived in the south I heard people say “■■■■■■-rig”, as opposed to "jimmy-rig’ or “jerry-rig”. I suppose some places use different phrases than others, but I choose to mind my words and not be offensive needlessly.

I would say that no one person is in control if they unknowingly offend someone else.

The best course of action to me is to apologize and go on with the knowledge that some people may find that certain phrase offensive.

The people who dig in their heels about it and go off on PC this and PC that in my opinion don’t want to admit that at best they have it in them to offend someone else… or be a terrible person at the worst.

And before I get jumped all over, I will say that yes there is a line, and yes the over sensitivity of some people their amazing ability to find offense in almost everything has corroded public discourse also.

Those people are also idiots in my opinion.

And, in my opinion, they are best off being ignored. I believe they are using their outrage to gain attention, and therefore the best course of action is to just walk away.

It is not offensive.

Yeah that one is common, too. Even among black people for some odd reason.

I’ve been trying to change some my speech patterns. I used to use certain slurs (both ethnic white slurs and black slurs) in certain situations.

I was wrong to do so. It was offensive. I’m teaching myself to avoid using such language now. I’m getting older and I’m realizing that some things just shouldn’t be uttered under any circumstances.

If we all just spoke respectfully towards each other we would never have any issues like this.

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In my opinion, if you ARE going to use offensive language, because you’re looking to be offensive (there is always a time and a place), it’s best to stay away from the racial ones. There’s no reason to go there.

I may intensively dislike a certain person for a variety of reasons, but race has nothing to do with it.

Never even occurred to me anyone would consider that a racial term. Lots of the folks I used to work with were from west TN and picked cotton growing up.

There were actually more of those people white than black. I’ve heard black and white alike use the term.

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I wasn’t around for the origin but in my 65 years i know no one who thought it racist.

Agreed. There are people who are very worthy of being ignored.

In my own life I have come around to using different gender pronouns when people request that I do so.

I used to think that it was an assault on language and such… but then I asked myself why is it important to me? And is it more important to me than it is to the person making that request… and it wasn’t. So it was the very least I could do and change a pronoun.

If just being mindful of other people’s feeling when we talk to them or about them is the bare minimum… then I just don’t understand why it is such a big deal.

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It’s done then. It is an old phrase that is frequently used. It probably slipped out at the wrong time. Move on. We don’t Crucify people for minor slip ups. Oh wait, did I say that out loud?

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It usually just starts fights.

Sometimes fights is all someone is looking for.

I think these two feed each other and have reached chicken and egg status as to which one came first.

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When will the race baiting liberals learn that a phrase/word isn’t offensive just because you want it to be?

Some serious Trump hating frothing at the mouth from the PC police.