Ex-Trump adviser tells black Fox News guest he's out of his 'cotton-picking

Trumps America

I disagree in this instance. “You’re out of your cotton-picking mind” is a phrase that I’ve heard all my life. At this point in time there’s nothing racial about it unless someone wants to make something racial about it. In the same way very few people today know that to gyp someone refers to gypsies stealing, for example.


I disagree completely and so do all the parties involved.

"Bossie later apologized for the comment in a tweet, saying he should have “never used the offensive phrase that I did.”

In a statement to The Hill, a Fox News spokesperson called Bossie’s remarks “deeply offensive and wholly inappropriate.”

“David Bossie’s comments today were deeply offensive and wholly inappropriate,” the statement said. “His remarks do not reflect the sentiments of FOX News and we do not in any way condone them.”

What is it with conservatives not understanding that phrases don’t just become non-offensive because they want them to?

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I have heard the phrase all of my life also.

I will say that Bossie apologized, Fox News apologized and hopefully all parties involved will move on with the knowledge that the turn of phrase is offensive.

In my view, the issue should be over… but it won’t be and this thread will go on for at least 500 posts.




What you want this to just die out and end all the fun?

My advice for the right is to quit apologizing and playing this stupid game with the left were they are picking every phrase apart, looking in every corner of the world and internet for a racist or nazi.

If you apologize unless your on the left like a Bill Maher for letting out the N word it will only be 10x worse for you. They are not looking for apology but to bring you down, get you fired etc…

Case in point the internet freaking out on the girl who wore the Chinese dress to prom they went at her hard for so called “cultural appropriation” and demanded an apology. She told them it’s just a dress you idiots, I’m not apologizing and that was the end of it.

Everyone knows out of your cotton picking mind has been said forever mostly from the south which has the same meaning as “are you out of your mind. They know the guy saying it wasn’t trying to be racist but probably something he grew up and heard his whole life.

I would start by quit giving the communist word police the moral highground or we will all be walking around referring to people as Zer and Za and will be fined when we don’t address someone by their preferred pronoun.

Might want to look at the origins of the phrase.

Black? Cotton picking? Sounds wacist to me.

The world is a much better place if we allow people to learn from their mistakes.

I meant this forum…:laughing:

To a point and not at all costs.

I doubt he meant it racially, but it is indicative of living in Trumpistan in the 21st century - with Donald leading by example, more and more people no longer bother to think before opening their mouths.

More faux outrage from silly libs.


I’ve said it numerous times.

Can’t get mad about this.

Got ya

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I think that this is one of those things where both sides can give.

Like you, I’d heard the phrase all my life, but never with any racial connotation. Now that I know that others are sensitive to it, it will evolve out of my lexicon.

In the meantime, others could attempt to recognize when they are projecting mal-intent onto a speaker where no offense is intended.

There has to be give and take on both sides.


Everything has a limit.

If the cost is simply being mindful of others then that cost is pretty low to me.

Sadly… some see being polite as an imposition.

Faux outrage from FOX