Ex-Navy SEAL Crenshaw (R-Texas) breaks with Trump on Navy SEAL case: Gallagher should face trial before any war crimes pardon

I would think a number of military/ex-military would feel the same way, right? They want discipline and people held accountable I’d say.

Now, there may be a number of people, and it sounds like Donald Trump is one, who think that military crossing the line should NOT face a trial and should just be forgiven because they’re military? I guess?

Another ex-military member said this (that I bet many agree with)…

"As a former active duty JAG, I know the main purpose of the UCMJ is to impose good order & discipline, which Washington called the soul of an army, The charges against Gallagher are deadly serious. @POTUS should not circumvent the court-martial process. Let military jurors decide.”


He will be called a RINO soon


I would say this is a hard one for a lot of military people. They are for discipline.

I agree with Crenshaw. Trump is doing this for political gains.


It’s not hard at all.

I don’t see preferring to withhold a pardon until after a military trial as “breaking” with President Trump.

It is only being speculated that he will offer a pardon and he has not studied the cases at all.

Looks more like a reporter stirring up the poop in the septic tank to me.

Report back when the justice process actually changes or halts…THAT will be news then.


Or, you know, the actual ex-SEAL/ Congressman saying this…

"These cases should be decided by the courts, where the entirety of the evidence can be viewed,” Crenshaw said in a statement to National Review. “Only after that should a pardon be considered.”

You are just repeating the speculation.

NOTHING has changed or interrupted the military justice process. I agree with Crenshaw and President Trump likely does as well.

This story is an exercise in wakeful daydreaming.


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I know right. This thing is so fake that a GOP Congressman from Texas actually spoke out.


Spoke out against nothing.

Nothing at all controversial or sensational…Dog urinates in yard interest level.

Let us know when something actually happens outside the land of wakeful dreaming.


This is false.

Sky is blue, water is wet etc…

…and the dear forum dustmites wonder why fake news has become an issue…

There was no breaking, just a common sense statement on letting justice play out and marginally substantiated speculation the President would prematurely pardon.


Nothing should be discussed until after it happens, got it.

Sure…If it has an interest level above a clear and seasonal weather forecast.


Military members are paying attention…are we held accountable for war crimes…or is it carte blanc?

actually, i’m hoping that this ex-SEAL from Texas speaking out will encourage others to do the same and let Trump know that he shouldn’t step in and pardon soldiers prior to trial just to up his approval ratings or make people like him.

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Marginally substantiated speculation needs more voices speaking out against the practice.

Gets us off that icky immigration crisis too.


if i were you i’d send my posts here to Crenshaw via Twitter.

It’s not speculation. Paperwork was filed with the Justice Department’s Office of the Pardon Attorney to expedite the pardons by Memorial Day

Trump is not concerned about war crimes committed by Americans.