Ex-GOP lawmaker argues for Trump primary challenge from the right


Once Trump finishes his Sugar Smacks he is going to tweet like crazy. Question for the Republicans in here, should Trump have a primary challenger?

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These should be interesting responses… presumably a primary challenger would have similar policies as Trump, just without the rhetoric. As a matter of fact, they would likely be more conservative than Trump (gun laws, tariffs, the wall).

So all of the Trump supporters who say they support the policies and not the man, should welcome a primary challenger, right?


Joe Walsh is that guy that was taped ranting at a constituent about Dodd-Frank in 2011

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Two thoughts:

  1. “Ex-GOP lawmaker” is the operative phrase here. Call me when a CURRENT GOP lawmaker stands up and demands a primary challenge for Donald, or even just accountability. These ex lawmakers are fine but they have nothing to lose.

  2. The casual “policy not character” crowd would not support a primary challenge, being full aware it would send Donald’s rabid base into open revolt and give the Democratic ticket an unacceptable advantage next year.

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I notice that Walsh is not speaking to the “policy not character” crowd.

He is speaking to the “Trump is not conservative” crowd. Walsh disagrees with many of Trump’s policies and is yearning not for a polite version of Trumps policies but for a true conservative

I’m proud of the GOP being the party of Trump. These RINOS need to get on the Trump Train or abandon ship. We don’t want people who aren’t loyal to Trump. Maybe the Democrats will have you. Trump is the future of the GOP whether you like it or not. Trump 2020! Trump 2024! Trump 2028! Trump Forever!

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We all know how much you guys love trump’s challengers in the primary.

Everyone together now…praise cruz, rubio, graham, walker, jeb, carson…

This thread is about to break the Internet with republican praise.

Wait for it.

Nope, this thread will be full of answers like yours from Trump supporters. “I support the policies not the man”

Oh he wants someone to run, but he’s not doing it himself. Yawn.

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We all know how much you love Trump, but he is a stain on the office and on the United States.

Like obama.

It would be great if there were someone with the same general policies as Trump but without the personal baggage and name calling, who stood a chance of winning.
There isn’t.