Ex-Fox News reporter says network's prime-time lineup was 'more than I could stand'

While the interview is recent, the actual story seems to have taken place more than a week ago.

What I found to be interesting is that Carl seemed to believe the news was fair and balanced but that the opinion shows were getting out of hand. I don’t disagree, but then again Fox is competing with the likes of CNN and MSNBC who both devote a bunch of their time to opinion shows.

After twenty years as a political correspondent for Fox News, the election of Donald Trump was the last straw for Carl Cameron.

"I was just toast," Cameron said. "And frankly while the news division at Fox News channel has always worked to be truly fair and balanced and to be accurate, the opinion hosts in prime-time and elsewhere on Fox had become more than I could stand."

Now “Campaign Carl,” as he was affectionately known while at Fox, is collaborating with a new news website with a progressive bent called Front Page Live.

Front Page Live links to news across the internet and tries to help stories go viral – a version of The Drudge Report for the left. It’s for “people who are interested in getting factual information,” Cameron says.

Given his famed career at Fox, the new gig has been getting some attention. On this week’s “Reliable Sources” podcast, Cameron told Brian Stelter about his reasons for the change.

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The idea that CNN/MSNBC opinion hosts and Fox opinion hosts are equidistant from the truth is ridiculous.

Fox News opinion hosts peddle one outlandish unsubstantiated conspiracy theory after another on a regular basis, and have been for years. That is NOT what you see on CNN or MSNBC.


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Not really a huge story, IMO. He was tired of the bias and left.

Agree there is no real story. But disagree with you on the reason he left.