Ex-Fox News Analyst Ralph Peters Unloads on Sean Hannity and Fox News

While President Donald Trump has claimed that special counsel Robert Mueller is leading a “witch hunt” against him, Peters argued on CNN that it is Fox News that is promoting a witch hunt against Mueller.

“For years, I was glad to be associated with Fox. It was a legitimate conservative and libertarian outlet. And a necessary one,” Peters told Cooper. “But with the rise of Donald Trump, Fox did become a destructive propaganda machine. And I don’t do propaganda for anyone.”

Peters went on to say he believes the network in general and “particularly the prime time hosts” are attacking “our constitutional order, the rule of law, the Justice Department, the FBI, Robert Mueller,” and other intelligence agencies. “And they are doing it for ratings and profit,” he added. “And they’re doing it knowingly, and, in my view, doing a great, grave disservice to our country.”

Agree or disagree with the Retired Lt. Colonel? Are the hosts on Fox nothing more than a propaganda machine which is destructive, damaging our nation and its institutions knowingly for profit? Or are the unwittingly doing it, unaware of the damage that they are bringing down on our nation?


Will be called a “Lib” or a “RINO” in 3…2…1…

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Don’t watch Fox except clips I see here. But I listen to radio rush and Sean. With trump, I honestly don’t know what the end game or what the point really is. They literally have to cater to dumb people and make people dumber. Why? What’s the point?

I remember during the primaries, that Rush was impatient with the trumpers, they’d call his show and bleat about how every primary/caucus was rigged or unfair, and it was obvious they were ignorant and he would cut them off and just sigh at the idiocy. Then trump won the nomination, and rush just threw in his lot with trumpers, and he seems to get a laugh out of feeding them ■■■■■■■■■ like he can’t believe they believe the ■■■■ he’s feeding them.

I don’t get it.


because brawndo has electrolytes? ;p


I don’t get it either Lucy. It’s almost as if they are trapped in a confirmation bias loop with one another. From Trump to Fox (Rush, etc.) and back to Trump and back to Fox. And around and around it goes. Getting crazier and crazier with each revolution. And all the while actual damage is being done to our institutions and what should be our agreed upon acceptance of what is normal. It’s so incredibly dangerous what is happening here.

What incredible irony to attack anyone as being a propaganda machine from CNN of all places, home of the release of the opposition research dossier.
I have no idea what different peoples motivations are at either FOX or CNN. However, when you have an investigation going on for two years of campaign/Russian collusion, have found none such, and are not even able to put together a decent argument for having started that investigation, its less than sincere to say that people who want to find out more about the basis for that investigation are somehow attacking the Constitution.
And that is not an article about analysis. It is an article about feelings with nothing to back it up.


It’s an article about a former Fox contributor who intimately knows the network, opining about what he is personally observing at the network he used to be proud to work with. Making this about CNN or Mueller is a neat deflection tactic. But nothing more.

So we will put you in the column of believing they are unwittingly damaging our nation and it’s institutions. :+1:


Aside from Peters being a second rate loon? Nope, I got nothing

I think it just might boil down to the fact that they realize that if Trump is found guilty of crimes the Republicans can kiss off having the white house again for quite some time. I think they are desperate to keep Trump in place and will say or do anything to do that. There are plenty of folks who continue to put the conspiracy theories out there. And a good number of them show up every evening on Fox News shows. I suppose the good news is that for the most part they are preaching to the choir. I highly doubt that they are changing a host of minds out in the real world.

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CNN is fake news…

And so is Fox. So I guess both have something in common.

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The end (making libs upset lol lib tears) is worth the means (flushing dignity, rational discourse, and knowledge down the turlet).

No it isn’t, Bot.

Why wouldn’t we think much of the FBI leadership is corrupt when they did nothing about Obama admins use of the IRS to hold up rep orgs for 2012. Not to mention all the lost evidence in the case. Just like Hillary’s e-mails.

Hook, line and sinker.

Did they have anything specific or just this guy whining in general… See, no news…

Sorry…you failed the Turing Test.

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So, nothing specific… Just fake news…LOL!

So, why did they send a spy into the Trump campaign? Did anyone on CNN talk about that? And who is the highest member of the Obama admin to approve sending a spy into the Trump campaign… ?

I really couldn’t give less of a ■■■■