Evil rich landowner gets comeuppance

After gouging the poor in her run down and roach infested slum properties for years, a rich land"lord" gets what’s coming.

on a more serious look, this tenant got the money to pay the rent, and also recieved all of the covid relief possible, and, she and her husband either collected enhanced ue benefits and/or covid sick pay so they could pay their bills the entire time.

biden’s america

A government with absolute power picking winners and losers.


Don’t be bad at business if you want to own rental units.

That is horrible reporting by Fox. It is a childish attempt at propaganda and they’ve been doing it for a while.

“and AF vet…” has absolutely nothing to do with this. It is a moronic artifice employed to turn up the outrage.

It is no different than the left’s constant use of “RACISM!!!”

Very few things are more egregious because “VET!”.


How is this being “bad at business”? The government inserted itself in the business.


What a foolish thing to say under these circumstances.


Absolutely…The Babbit thread is a perfect example of that as well…But some like to throw that she was a vet out there for extra outrage.

My gf works in that bususness…Out of 300 or so units in 50 buildings there are only 6-7 people abusing tge Covid rent relief.

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It works.

And the left throws out she was a Q believer as if that makes her death less of an issue.

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Yep. She deserved to be shot and killed. Bad person.

My gf works in that bususness…Her bosses own 40-50 buildings in the Albany area, higher end buildings…Out of around 300 units only 6-7 are abusing the Covid relief. And one of them happens to live where we do, a young chick and she’s always going in/out partying it up. Really is disgusting…

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I wonder if this policy is “disproportionately affecting property owners of color”?

I don’t think she was a bad person, I think she made a stupid mistake in the heat of the moment that led to her death.


Byrd had no choice.

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Rent to people who are not going to screw you. Like, rule one.

Do your due diligence at the start.

My bus. partner has 60 plus units and he has one ■■■■ bag, and only one, and she came with a newly acquired property (just before covid). None of his other renters went in arrears or needed to take advantage of programs because he is good at this business.

What you may be missing is that this would be just like opening a coffee shop next to a auto parts plant that is about to close and then complaining that your bad-at-business location choice is really the fault of ‘gummint’ because of trade deals incentivizing overseas production.

Do your staging, research and diligence right and you won’t end up ‘sleeping in your car’ because you rented exclusively to the kind of people who can’t take a hit to their income stream.

If that is who you rent to, such that it hurts you, you are bad at business and should never have bought rental units.

You must be joking.


Nah. It’s exactly right.

If a person opens a gym next to two health clubs and a yoga study, you won’t be surprised if they fail.

If a person only has low income units with precarious renters, they are bad at business and you shouldn’t be surprised that they fail.

And no one should be in the rental game if it’s their primary income, until they can scale.

Basic ■■■■■ dude. Basic.

No. I know what the ■■■■ I’m talking about. We run properties.

You are attributing luck to acumen. Have a nice day.

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