Everything you need to know about Foxnews in one headline


You were fooled into thinking Trump colluded with Russia by them…


Except when he defrauded thousands of Americans and had to pay them back. Or ran an illegal corrupt charity. Or told his lawyer to engage in criminal finance violations.

There are hundreds of stories that meet the criteria for deplorable by people with even the lowest standards.


Who told you that? It’s a lie.


Ya know, the best way to counter this, and a perfectly LEGITIMATE use of whataboutism, is to provide a recent example of a similarly misleading bordering on defamatory headline from CNN, MSNBC, ABC et al. Got one?


or on the forum, evidently


They don’t do just headlines, they do whole articles.

And lets throw in their part in the Covington school fake issue.

No, I don’t keep a list of CNN misleading headlines. I would not be so petty as to start a thread over a fake headline (though I did list one by Politico, in a post above)


that would be a full time job


Five stories in five years ain’t bad I could probably get five false statements every morning from Fox and Friends.

And then Daily Caller has about as good a reputation as Breitbart.


I would trust Breitbart over CNN.
But if you think Daily Caller is lying in that article, point it out.


The problem is the viewers of Fox are getting misinformation by the truckload.


Facts are not hate.


Did you check their papers?


Daily Caller and an opinion piece (your two links) prove nothing.


Even Comey says the NYTs lies.

And the article lists another CNN fake story.

“Thus CNN’s latest correction: Citing its own anonymous sources, it reported days ago that Comey would refute Trump’s claim that the then-director assured him he wasn’t under investigation. In fact, Comey testified, “I offered that assurance” — three times, just as Trump said. Oops.)”


CNN’s been around longer and has a better reputation than not-so-Breitbart.

And corrected stories, as in the Daily Caller article, are not fake.

But they do make big mistakes.


Fine. So when Fox News removed that headline that was not fake but misleading…end of story.


“Comey said outright what we asserted at the time: A New York Times story about alleged Trump team contacts with Russian officials was “in the main . . . not true.”
As he put it, reporters writing about classified information “often don’t really know what’s going on and those of us who actually know what’s going on are not talking about it.” In all, he said, “many, many stories” in recent months were “just dead wrong.”

From NY Post.com…whcih got it from Comey testimony.
What Comey is really saying is that the left media doesn’t feel limited by posting anonymous rumors when ti comes to Trump, IMO.

But perhaps the NY Post is another one you choose to disregard. Feel free to find Comey’s actual comments in full, here:


Brietbart and the Daily Caller aren’t news agencies. They’re propaganda for the weak minded.


I can’t find anything fake in that Daily Caller article either.


The article in the Market Watch states that the Daily Caller corrected its story when more facts came out. So, according to your own post, it is not fake.

(BTW…I never read the daily caller but came upon that article about CNN through using an internet search engine. I linked to that article because it seemed true to what I remember, basically)
I neither defend nor attack the DC overall.
Dont know enought about them.
I would haqve linked with that story even if it had been in the NYTs.