Everything you need to know about Foxnews in one headline


I thought the “leave my wife out of it” was Strzok’s line


That made me laugh out loud. A good way to start a day.


Interesting. Thread saying that everything you need to know about Fox News is in one headline that could easily be misinterpreted to indicate that McCabe abused his wife, which was clarified in the article and removed and replaced after a short time.
Love these in depth analyses of media.


I think you have to equally credit Roger Ailes and Limbaugh. They both in their own ways made Republican media what it is.


Investigations, which the “other” networks are reporting, aren’t hate crimes. Learn the difference.


It’s the same type of “analysis” that Fox does regularly.




I know. Weird. It’s all so weird. Nothing but weirdness as far as the eye can see.


Conservatives love to complain about CNN and liberals love to complain about FOX. But nobody is forced to watch either. So what is the actual problem?


Oh? Better than CBS, NBC, and ABC?


trump is SO picked upon!


Let’s not forget FOX contributor Todd Starnes…probably one of the biggest liars out there.


I tried watching the Gutfeld show… He and many of his guests seem to think insulting Trump with a smile is comedy. Had to stop watching it.


He has lived through the biggest media and establishment hate fest in history…and still polls pretty darn well…

Lot’s of Trump haters on Fox.


Barely half pro-Trump? Did you forget the hours upon hours of pro-Trump punditry on Fox News?


Mostly because many Trump supporters have been coached to ignore all information that does not originate from Trump or his allies.


And there was ten times more Trump hate on the entire rest of the dial… And still is…


You mean like “Trump sent Cohen to lie to congress”, Or Flynn met talked to Russians before the election? There have been 100’s of fake news stories on leftist media. We can tell they are democrats…


Are you surprised? Trump is a deplorable person. We all know that.

That doesn’t mean you can ignore that Fox News has become government propaganda.


They get it wrong far less often than anyone else, especially you.


Trump is a great guy. Obama killed 10 of thousands in Libya for no reason. Obama let children starve in Venezuela, and let Putin gain power just like he told Putin’s buddy he would more flexible after the election…