Everything you need to know about Foxnews in one headline


If ratings are a measure of quality, then Trump’s poll numbers show he’s a extremely inferior product. Time to cancel that dog.


As Alexander Hamilton once said, "The masses are asses."


The CEC has spent the last three decades convincing you that the news media is incredibly biased and you cannot trust them but you can trust the CEC. And look where we are today. A president that calls any story that questions him with facts “fake news”. And a subservient audience that believes him.

It’s quite sad to witness this.


Theyd just call ya a snowflake


Apparently not, they tend to avoid threads like this. Ignoring contradictory information is not uncommon.


Anyone who claims that CNN, MSNBC, ABC, etc. are fake news


Remove the “News” and rename it “Fox - Trump apologists” or “Fox Opinion - Trump or Nothing”.


Can you site ABC world News as leaning left? I’d like to hear what segments David Muir is aiding with Democrats?


According to fox news of course


ABC World News draws in about 8 million viewers from 630-700pm time slot.

Fox “News” draws about 3 million viewers from 630-700pm time slot.


right. proving not many defenders in the forum

thanks for driving home my point


Fox News is genius.

They do owe Rush Limbaugh major props for inventing and perfecting the strategy that Republican media uses now.


He is not covering pizzagate.


The Jussie Smollet story and subsequent crawfishing tells us everything we need to know about CNN et al.


I think they also warned people about Jade Helm being fake.


I bet in liberal wisdom, that quote would not apply to the mass of coastal elite echo chamber Hillary voters.


You mean Faux and Biased.


Cool Sneaky. Start a thread about it or join the very long thread already on the topic.


The only point to drive home is there are not many defenders in this thread.


There’s one cable networks that’s barely 1/2 pro-Trump and the entire rest of the news and media is a hate crime against Trump, and yet the dems even complain about the one outlet.