Ever get the feeling that libs are not being totally honest? I do

They seem to be holding back with their true agenda. Which to me appears to be the total destruction of capitalism. I think they favor government control of everything.

They defend this fascist agenda by labeling freedom lovers as the fascists. If they had their way, only liberal, government approved media would be allowed. Rush Limbaugh and Fox news would be banned. Only opinions supporting their socialist government would be legal. They have invented things such as hate speech, micro aggressions, white privilege etc. They use these to control thought and speech. Tthey alone are wise enough to define hate speech. And they define anything that opposes them as “hate.” Only their opinion counts. They avoid policy discussions which they will lose and focus on personal destruction.

They would destroy the rich by saddling them with the bills of the poor. Free health care and housing. Free everything.

They would eliminate resistance by banning firearms. They blame the NRA for the gun violence committed by non NRA criminal, mostly liberal illegal gun owners.

The whole idea that liberals love “brown people” more than conservatives do is a farce. If we were being invaded by millions of conservatives, we would already have a 50 ft. high wall. Brown, black, red yellow or green. They would be stopped. So in order to import the maximum number of new liberal voters, they inject racism and their love for “brown people” as the main factor. Which we all know this is a lie.

Silencing any dissenting opinion through harassment or violence. If that is not fascism then what is?

Attacking the voter rather than the candidate. This started with Obama and was accelerated by Hillary. (To be fair, some conservatives do this as well.)

This is why I vote republican even though I despise them. Because doing nothing as the republicans tend to do is 1000 times better than doing what the liberals want.

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It’s about votes.

Never considered it.

I’ll get back to you once I have pondered on that a bit.

They’re still desiring Soviet era communism.

Total state control through use of intimidation and force if necessary.

You despise Republicans but keep voting for them? You know what that makes you?

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A rapist, Nazi and butcher of children?

You know what this comment makes you? It makes you exactly what I said you are. Remember this?

"They avoid policy discussions which they will lose and focus on personal destruction.,"

Sometimes I do feel that way.

Yeah… Third Way Neoliberalism is exactly like the Proletarian Dictatorship.

You got them pegged.

You are correct,

It makes him SMART! :smirk:

Its like getting HIT by a MAC TRUCK it’s so obvious that liberals LIE!

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Yeah. Does he have any idea how many Dems, claimed they hated to have to vote for Hillary but they did it anyway? Short memories these libs.

To “get the feeling” would imply there was once a time that I didn’t have it, and that’s not the case.

Fair enough. But I think they are hiding it worse than they used to. Their whole racial obsession used to fool people. It no longer does. In fact it hurts them. They are giving people racial fatigue.

Red beans give me gas, too.

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The only people in favor of Soviet style communism have never lived in Soviet style communism. Soviet style communism does not waterboard. They pull out finger nails, use blow torches and high voltage.

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Is this thread trying to imply that conservatives are honest?

lol - y’all are completely off your rockers.

Your post reeks of a CEC-induced paranoia that pretends to know exactly what all liberals want.

I have a suggestion - Ask posters here who are liberal on your various scenarios. You’ll find that a majority don’t want any of the liberal doom and gloom situations you present.