Even with everyone wearing masks NJ Coronavirus cases surge

As a NJ resident I know everywhere I go, everyone is wearing masks, yet I read this:

As I have said before I don’t question the efficacy of unused clean CDC approved masks. Nonetheless the facts are what they are. Outside of locking everyone in their homes what’s the answer to ending this virus?

Vaccines and herd immunity are the answers.

warp speed. thank you president trump

Everyone is not wearing a mask.

NJ is experiencing the second wave that Europe is


i’m not sure herd immunity without a vaccine is possible with this virus. short lived antibodies, natural progression that drops off once a certain level of viral spread is achieved. seems unlikely

Wait - I was assured Coronavirus would magically disappear on November 4. What happened?


Yes indeed. Thank you President Trump for 4 great years of actually putting the country 1st. :+1:

Before the China virus will stop surging, people have to become responsible regarding the spreading of it…and from the examples I’m observing with how many people cruise around uselessly half ass/masked with their noses peaking out, that’s not happening.

Yikes covid is on the March in jersey.

4% positivity rate.

That is unacceptable.

With colder weather upon us.

I see a continuation of this spike.


Do you live in NJ? Everywhere I go, everyone is wearing a mask.

I live just over the river. I am in Nj a bunch not everyone is wearing a mask.Not in restaurants etc. Everyone has a very specific meaning.

Covid exhaustion is a real thing

My brother lives at the Jersey end of the LT, and he and his wife note that there is widespread non-compliance.

The restaurants are following Governor Murphy’s guidelines. Do you disagree with his decisions?

Not at all. It’s also colder. There are plenty of apartment buildings in nj where people are not staying in large gatherings. This was expected. That’s why it’s called a second wave

Where’s the LT? All I can go by is my observations.

The Lincoln Tunnel.

it will continue regardless of any action or inaction until it gets to around 25% or a vaccine is introduced. whichever comes first

Hopefully Joe Biden will tell Governor Murphy how to end the virus. Come to think of it, why hasn’t he done that already?

Been doing a lot of driving around the country lately. Mask compliance seems to be pretty localized, one town I’ll see nearly 100%, some I’ll see virtually none. Seems to correlate to wealth and education of the local populace to me.

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Sheep pens are rife with germs.