Even with a Democrat Governor and all the restrictions and guidelines in place NJ is....well just look at the chart for yourself

The chart says it all:

NJ went from averaging roughly 200-500 daily cases from June to September to now over 6,000 cases on 12/6! So let’s consider the facts and where to place blame. Should NJ blame Governor Murphy who has done what the CDC has recommended? What is that old saying where does the buck stop? Personally I don’t blame Governor Murphy. Can we blame the people? But look at June to September? Am I to believe that everyone in the state radically changed their behavior in early October in unison? Highly unlikely. What about blaming the activity of the virus during cold and flu season? Bingo! That’s my bet.

What have I learned as a NJ resident? That outside of draconian lockdown measures it’s impossible to contain this virus (or likely any virus for that matter).

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We’re all spreaders and we’ve all killed people without knowing it.


Well -Lets review. Lets go Blue state vs Red State on this 2nd wave of Covid infection.(Not sure what the link preview in Hannity community. If you click it, it takes you to a state to state list of % positive).

I count 2 Dem Gov vs 8 Republican Gov in the top 10.

Top 10
Idaho: 52.2 percent positive
New daily cases: 805
Tests per 100,000: 153.8

South Dakota: 49.7
New daily cases: 687
Tests per 100,000: 197.8

Kansas: 46.6
New daily cases: 1
Tests per 100,000: 160.7

Iowa: 39.6
New daily cases: 1,306
Tests per 100,000: 138.6

Pennsylvania: 36.4
New daily cases: 7,465
Tests per 100,000: 193.1

Alabama: 34.7
New daily cases: 2,288
Tests per 100,000: 190.3

Arizona: 28.5
New daily cases: 5,376
Tests per 100,000: 263.3

Mississippi: 27.2
New daily cases: 1,473
Tests per 100,000: 231.7

Utah: 20.5
New daily cases: 2,563
Tests per 100,000: 468.8

Missouri: 19.2
New daily cases: 3,832
Tests per 100,000: 320.5

Bottom 10 - I count 8 Dem Gov and 2 Republican Gov (And the 2 Republican Gov’s are Never Trumpers who followed CDC guidelines.)

Maryland: 6.6
New daily cases: 2,643
Tests per 100,000: 668.9

Washington: 6.3
New daily cases: 1,654
Tests per 100,000: 449.3

Connecticut: 5.7
New daily cases: 0
Tests per 100,000: 1,071.8

*Connecticut has not reported new cases since Dec. 4.

Massachusetts: 5.3
New daily cases: 4,827
Tests per 100,000: 1,241.2

New York: 4.9
New daily cases: 9,702
Tests per 100,000: 970.9

Washington, D.C.: 3.8
New daily cases: 264
Tests per 100,000: 896.5

Maine: 2.5
New daily cases: 221
Tests per 100,000: 771.7

Vermont: 2.4
New daily cases: 121
Tests per 100,000: 751.2

Hawaii: 1.9
New daily cases: 104
Tests per 100,000: 368.7

Oregon: 1
New daily cases: 1,253
Tests per 100,000: 3,547.3

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Nah, the virus has killed people. However, if the virus jumped from me to someone else it’s because that person choose to place themselves in my vicinity.

You can have measures and mandates. But if there is no compliance by the general population, it is a lost cause. So all the trouble we went though will be for nothing.

It might come down eventually to just say forget it. Just do nothing and let’s see what happens.

Try not to focus on just the one virus.

Ok, but the point would work with all viruses. Unless someone knew they had a virus and then intentionally tried to and succeeded in passing to someone who died, then you can say they actually killed someone.

I already can. You and everyone else here has gone outside while sick. To work, to school, to the store, etc., on purpose.

I took that into consideration when I compared the case counts from June through September. There’s absolutely no evidence to suggest that public compliance to the guidelines changed radically or at all for that matter in October.

How about you are choosing to live your life instead of locking yourself in your room and never coming out?

I agree who could have ever seen that there would be a resurgence of COVID during flu season except literally everyone everywhere for the last nine months.


I am analyzing the overall trends in NJ from the initial outbreak of the virus in February to today. So regarding that it could be apples and oranges to what I am talking about. Nonetheless since I cannot compare every state on the chart you posted to NJ I will compare Idaho (which is #1 on your chart) to NJ. Scientifically speaking it’s hard to make any definitive initial conclusion on why the charts are as different as they are. I would have to give it some more thought.

First thing is that the charts are different in their trends. NJ starts out with a huge initial spike and then levels off from June to September while Idaho is relatively flat initially up until a spike in June but then levels off from July to September with a very choppy albeit upward trend from September to today.

Total cases - NJ 370,000; Idaho 111,000. Since NJ has about 5 times the population of Idaho we can hypothesize that NJ has done a better job there.
Total deaths - NJ 17,321; Idaho 1,040. Since NJ has had 17 times the number of deaths we can definitively conclude that Idaho has done better there.

In conclusion can you say that NJ has done a better job overall than Idaho? I would say no.

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That’s fine. I don’t see it that way. Because NJ got hit so early, it was going to spread faster and have a higher death rate since we couldn’t treat it better.

I’d be curious the death numbers over the past 6 weeks.

But from a higher level, it looks like this wave is hitting red states harder then blue.

How can you spread the virus if you haven’t contracted it?

Ask the asymptomatic crowd.

Does it? California, illinois, New York, New Jersey. Looks about even to me.

Of course we could always drill down another level and look.


They have the virus.

And are none the wiser.

You know what else? You’ve spread deadly diseases that have likely killed people too.

What an odd assertion.

I had the antibody test with some routine blood work last month. I have not had Covid.

I haven’t.

Never had COVID, had the flu once and since I work from home… no spread from me.