Even liberal fact-checkers are acknowledging Biden's lies and misinformation

gawd i hope so

biden and his loud nasty running mate came out hard against fracking which is helping drive PA economy

whoever cant see this in PA is just stupid, or hates prosperity.

on the other points anyone with a hindbrain can see through Biden’s bumbling narrative crap, like over the debunked “fine people” nonsense

I think the Biden campaign has been getting cocky with telling more and more outrageous lies with little or no push back from the mainstream media. Hopefully the dam is starting to break.

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with the obvious little lefty sit-out tonight i bet it already is

And that’s just in one night. How many decades has he been in politics again?

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Biden makes Trump look like honest Abe by comparison. That was recognized years ago; here is an earlier thread with links to some of Biden’s past tale tales:

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Steady there young man. Never speak of my hometown with irreverence or cheap sarcasm. Boys from the ‘Burgh don’t take that kind of cheek lightly. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

haha. i tell ya. it pains me to see allegheny county go so blue all the time, esp since it is next to Westmoreland (my county)

Southwestern Pennsylvania, WVA and SE Ohio energy jobs are sneering at Biden. He openly disparaged the blue collar middle class workers and intent to eliminate fracking. Then when pandering for votes during a personal appearance there he bumbled, fumbled, denied, deflected and blamed Trump for some convoluted Covid conspiracy. With a hearty “C’mon man, Biden is no favorite in Pittsburgh.

Ahh a Greensburg boy, I grew up in the South Hills. Yes Allegheny County goes blue because of the colleges, inner city dwellers and the Squirrel Hill/ Shadyside intellectuals. Go out into the suburbs it’s Trump country. I don’t live there anymore but the fam keeps me up on the local politics. I’m in MD and like PA the rural areas red cities blue. I grew up middle class our parents were Roosevelt Democrats. When I registered to vote (at 21 then) you guessed it Democrat and I voted for McCarthy, he wanted to end the Vietnam War. That party is gone. They’re still pandering to the unions in Pittsburgh, one day they’ll wake up.

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He’s telling new lies, old lies, big lies and small lies.

No one is gonna challenge him on it.

Yes, he is a Democrat so truth is irrelevant.

On a less serious lie, Biden said that he was the first person in his family to have a college education. This was not true, as a grandparent and an aunt had a college education. Turns out that he had used that same line in 1988…and had taken it from a speech he ripped off from a British politician.


With Biden it is all about telling a good story. He has repeatedly lied about basic publicly available information.

The fact that he has gotten as far as he proves him right on some level. Democrats do not care about facts unless they happen to fit the narrative.

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Biden is claiming that without Trump the United States would have zero Covid deaths. The man is brain dead.

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Welcome to the alternative facts era.

Trump supporters trying to seize the moral high ground by complaining about a politician lying.

The irony is rich.


Yes. Biden is basically saying that China has zero responsibility, and Cuomo sending infected people nursing homes is Trump’s fault.

At the same time as the virus was starting to spread around the world, the Democrats voted to impeach Trump because of “abuse of power”. If Trump had overruled Cuomo and other Democratic governors, Democrats would have impeached him again for being dictator.

The contradictions make my head spin.


No. Just demonstrating the irony of Democrats pretending outrage over lying.


It’s the lying cubed (Trump lies about things normal people would never even think to lie about) plus the utter hideousness of the man and his complete unfitness for office.

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