Even Joes tokens are abandoning ship…

Apparently not, but we all knew that anyway, hence the departure of 28 black staffers at the White House. It seems things at Unca Joes house aren’t all that ready for diversity after all. Well what do you expect when slots are filled not by any semblance of qualifications but by checking boxes on a diversity work sheet?Incompetence and dissatisfaction abound and we the people are suffering as a result!

What’s it going to take for Joes hardcore brain dead supporters to admit what a horrendous mistake they made. EVERY SINGLE THING the man said during his campaign has proven to be a lie, his approve rating is now about 36%, inflation is at a 40+ Year high, gas prices have hit records (8.05 a gallon in LA, not that I have the teeniest bit of sympathy for Californians), and now, the blacks who benefitted the most by Joes senility and incompetence, those in the mans very residence are fed up by the atmosphere they have found themselves in.

Way to go you utter buffoon. Your base is starting to realize just how bad you are for this country. You’re running out of demographic groups to piss off with impunity and imbecility.
But I’m guessing you’re to stupid to tell your handlers that a change in direction needs to be made.

How do any of you Libs continue to support this clown??


How many people do you think the Executive Office of the President employs?

I don’t believe conservatives have a solution for any of the problems you listed.

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What 28 black staffers ?

This is a rather bizarre way to get to the usual grievances.

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Quite the disaster. More supply disruptions are headed our way too.



Also, “token” is racist.

One or two are “tokens”. 28 are just…people

How many? 28 fewer blacks now…

Everyone in Joes administration was hired as a token.

Ok, that’s funny!

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A little less than 2,000.

So 28 black people have quit their jobs over the course of the last 6 months.


…? Everyone?

Even the middle aged white dudes?

I don’t think you know what “token” means.

Really coincidental though how they seemed to get exponentially worse beginning about Jan. 21st. 2021…

Why thank you.

Like Petey Bootyjudge? Of course he’s token. So is Commieluh. How about the ugly tranny guy? Definitely a token. That’s his administration. Picked by checking boxes and we’re feeling the pain of such a process.


Gotta give credit where it’s due! :grinning:

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This admin loves box ticking.

Just look at their new press secretary. She came right out and made sure you knew her qualifications were 1. being black and 2. being gay.


Okay, I disagree, but let’s put that aside for a moment. You said:

Even Blinken, Garland, Vilsack, Walsh, Mayorkas, and Klain? To name a few

Over 1%. Quite a turnover in such a short time of one prominent minority. Almost looks like maybe racism was going on​:thinking::thinking:. Maybe Joe didn’t want his White House turned into a racial jungle, just like the schools he prevented widdle Kamawa from fweewy attending.