Even Foxnews.com is calling out Trump's lies

At the bottom of this story on the Fox site, about the kerfuffle over Trump calling Meghan Markle “nasty” even Fox can no longer go along with President’s constant lying.

""I never called Meghan Markle ‘nasty,’ he tweeted. “Made up by the Fake News Media, and they caught cold! Will @CNN, @nytimes and others apologize? Doubt it!”

Despite his denial, there is an audio recording circulating of President Trump saying the exact quote about Duchess Meghan that had been reported."

Given the range of Trump’s juvenile insults, the fact that he called Meghna Markle “nasty” is not a particularly important event – other than providing one more illustration of Trump’s immaturity.

The fact that he lied about doing so again doesn’t matter much. He lies about most everything and most intelligent people have long recognized that.

But is there something to the fact that even with Fox News – and we are not talking about some one-off commentator here – the editors have taken to pointing out that one should not believe what the President says.

The Washington Post has been the major documenter of Trump’s lies. When FoxNews takes its cues from the Washington Post’s approach to news, is that something new that brews?


I suspect it’ll be edited out shortly when its fans get wind of it. Can’t have Fox reporting negatively against Trump!

“What you’re seeing and what you’re reading is not what’s happening." - Trump


Ok but he only lies about things I don’t care about.

But Hillary/Obama.

Cry moar, libs.

Who cares??

This is what happens when your collusion hoax fairytale conspiracy theory falls apart.

As usual, once it gets a life of its own, even a non-story is hard to stop.

Guys- getting worked up over this only gives the people who shout “Trump Derangement Syndrome” more ammo.

This story is nothing…please stop getting worked up over it.

Now pointing out lies is TDS? Usually Trump’s people have the decency to say it was a joke, but we’re back to just flat out saying what you heard wasn’t said and Trump deserves an apology over it. Trump likes to call women nasty. It’s a pattern. He whipped out his trademark word for Markel and is now trying to trick enough people to think it’s all fake news. Hillary is a nasty woman, Harris has a nasty wit, I didn’t know she was nasty.

I agree with you that Trump calling Markle a name is of no importance. What I was pointing out was the shift in Fox editorial policy.

You seem to be so triggered by your hunt for the mythical TDS that you missed the point I was making.

Who’s deranged now?


I get your point.

Bill Clinton lied about whether he had sex with Monica Lewinsky and Republicans cared about that enough to bring impeachment proceedings against him

Donald Trump lied about whether he had sex with Stormy Daniels and Republicans don’t care about that at all.

The distinction speaks for itself.


It wasn’t a lie. When you listen to the interview, Trump was obviously referring to what Meghan Markle SAID.

He wasn’t calling her nasty in general.

It’s a non-story.

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Aha! Donald may have lied but he didn’t do it under oath! He’s been faithful to his wife since he became POTUS!


Boy did you misread me!


Don’t expect the TDS crowd to make a distinction. Too busy raging with hate.


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People who haven’t willfully given up the ability to care about the difference between right and wrong, truth and lies.

Ah, so when a person is not under oath there ethics don’t matter?

Is that what conservatism stands for?

A lie is a lie regardless of the the context in which it is spoken. Everything else is just situational ethics, which used to be one of the things conservatives pilloried liberals for, until it became a fundamental conservative position.

Someday we will again have a president with the tact and savvy to control their mouth and not get themselves into this situation. Is it really that hard to not use adjectives like that when referring to a person or a person’s words? There are lots of ways to get a point across without using the word “nasty.” This is politics, word choice matters.

How do you know?

Stand strong.

Btw, how do you feel about illegal spying?

Oh course not! No one except hysterical libs care about what Donald did or said before he became POTUS. He’s a baby Christian now and has been a godly man since he took the oath.

In short - Trump is cool, so please don’t stop and flush twice, cry moar and eat your peas. Oh, and I’m sorry if I hurt you.


Because Donald loves his wife and would never hurt her once he took the Oath.

Many, many people have said.