European Cricket League

I was wondering whether anyone else is watching the finals of the European Cricket League. I hadn’t realised that countries as diverse as Spain, France, Denmark, Romania, Italy, Germany and Russia had any real cricket presence in their respective countries.

Whilst most participants in the finals are ex-pats from other cricket countries it has been noted during the broadcast that the number of participants playing cricket in those countries are increasing.

Dude your wasting time, Americans barely get football (soccer to my colonial cousins), show em cricket and their heads explode looking for the bases… :rofl:

Not necessarily. But it is of no import one way or the other. I am amused that most Americans can’t understand the possibility after 5 days you cat get a draw where neither team wins; albeit an exciting draw.

While I developed an appreciation for football watching the World Cup over the last several years, this will never stop being funny.

Thanks BW.