EUROPE MANHUNT: Strasbourg Shooter Had 27 PRIOR Convictions, May Have Escaped into Germany | Sean Hannity

The 29-year-old suspect behind the deadly mass shooting in Strasbourg, France Tuesday evening had 27 prior convictions in France, Germany, and Switzerland and was known to French authorities as a potential “risk to the state.”

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First how’s your gun control, making sure your citizens aren’t armed working out for y’all in Europe? Here’s a 29-year-old known terrorist what 27 convictions in multiple countries and the geniuses in the French authority under French president & Genius Emmanuel Macron, believes this islamist with 27 convictions, “may be a risk to the state” well that’s what you get when you get a politically correct socialist that is down with globalization and open borders! How’s that going “free zone” country working out for you EU Morons. News flash there is no such thing as ‘moderate Islam’, it is just Islam, just ask Turkey’s Erdogan. “There is no such thing as moderate Islam” , there only Islam." Europe will be finished off by the EU. There will be refugees fleeing Europe. They have destroyed the language & their culture in favor of Political Correctness. And The Muslim Brotherhood’s The Project, called “Islamophobia” the elimination of the West.

‘The Project’’ - The Islamic plan of conquest nobody paid attention to

‘‘The Project’’ - The Islamic plan of conquest nobody paid attention to

We were warned about the current situation way back in 2005, when FrontPage Magazine wrote about “The project,” an Islamic plot to take over the world.

Europeans call us barbaric when we try to protect our people from psychopaths and terrorists by imprisoning or even executing them, yet they keep releasing these same type of people into their society so they can keep committing their crimes. I have never yet seen a criminal or killer stopped by patting them on the back and telling them to behave and sin no more. Perpetrators in Europe have no trouble getting guns when they want them, even with their laws. Some of the largest arms suppliers are located there and Russia’s AK-47 is much cheaper and more popular than our M-16 or AR-15. And considering the mass killings that have been committed using vehicles, bombs, axes, swords and knives, you don’t need guns to kill, just a blind desire.