Europe acts to blunt iranian sanctions

the european union took the first step to blunt the us plans to pull out of the iranian deal
they activated a blocking statute which forbids EU companies “from complying with the extraterritorial effects of U.S. sanctions,

a similar thing was used in the late 90’s over us sanctions on cuba. the net result is th eUS had to back down

Trump has Europe siding with Iran. He sure can bring people together.

Against us.

And of course you libs see it as a good thing.

No one else is required to back out of or negate a deal because we do. Welcome to global politics.

he has Saudi Arabia siding with Israel… with us.

that is more remarkable than Europe doing anti-American things.

narrative says less is more… that giving Iran what they want will result in them having less. Letting us inspect less will result in more verification. It is all backed up by science too.