EU to impose retaliatory tariffs from July

Matching the US tarriffs dollar for dollar, aimed with surgical precision at states Trump won.

I still think Trump turns tail and runs on this one, but maybe he will continue to escalate the situation.

The World Bank is also now warning that if tariffs continue in a retaliatory manner the economic damage could match the '08 financial crisis.

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But the president said that trade wars were easy to win???

He is going to sabotage the only positive he has going for him, which is the economy chugging along pretty well right now.

Yep, if he stands back and leaves trade alone, the economy will likely get better or at least stay the same, and the GOP will probably hold off the “blue wave”. This trade war will hurt the GOP more than anything else going on right now.

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Exactly. And it will also make his re-election exponentially more unlikely as well.

Batten down the hatches and grab some popcorn. This could get ugly.

He can’t do it. He doesn’t give a ■■■■ about the economy or the country or the world. Everything he does is about his feelings.

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You’re absolutely correct here. He is the perennial narcissistic egomaniac.