EU REPORT: Terror Attacks in Europe ‘MORE THAN DOUBLED’ in 2017

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A stunning new report from the European Union’s law enforcement agency revealed Wednesday that the number of terror attacks inside the EU “more than doubled” in 2017; raising serious questions over how the influx of migrants has impacted local communities.

According to the Daily Caller, the report from Europol shows that the number of “jihadi terrorist attacks” in 2017 was more than double that of 2016; adding that 62 people were killed last year alone.

“The main threat is coming from foreign terrorist fighters even though the numbers … that are returning are quite low,” added one European security official. “Even though we suffer more attacks, they were less sophisticated.”

“Europol’s report found that vehicles were the most popular method for jihadis in carrying out the attacks. One example is when a van plowed into a crowd in Barcelona in 2017, killing 15 and injuring 131,” writes the DC.

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