Establishment Waterboarding of the primaries

The economy needs to work for all Americans so the slogan goes. Wealth concentration has been a foundational platform of the progressive left. Hillary spoke it, Bernie believed it.

Now comes Bloomberg with a full media Blitz running as a democrat.

The Trump Team counter s with he is a racist and a misogynist. His attitude is demeaning and offensive.
Their criticism is pathetic.

Bloomberg is neither a democrat or a republican, he is an authoritarian. He will do what he knows is best for you, never mind if you are thirsty.

However, his rise is ironic. The anti wall street party is using the Wall Street waterbody (Bloomberg) to stop the anti wall street candidate Bernie.

Bloomberg got a 10,000,000 severance when he was 39. He partnered with Merrill Lynch and a few others to create a business selling information services to Wall Street.

So the poster boy of Wall Street insiders is running against Bernie and considering Hillary.

Who is the Sith as the empire strikes back?

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It just goes to show you…That old south park adage is true. Turd Sandwich or Giant ■■■■■■. It matters now who is running, or who will get the nomination. It will be Authoritarian Billionaire vs Authoritarian Billionaire, Authoritarian Billionaire vs Socialist, or Socialist Democrat, Authoritarian Billionaire vs Democrat elder statesmen or Authoritarian Billionaire vs Democrat homosexual.

No matter what I personally believe we are screwed. Those candidates who may be able to actually keep the country from imploding don’t have a snow balls chance against the billionaires…and the Billionaires don’t give a crap what they do.

It’s the hand we have dealt ourselves. ■■■■ us.

The candidates egos running for president also bring us these choices on as well even if they don’t intentionally do so. If the republican field wasn’t so crowded there likely would not have been a President Trump. We see the same thing happening in the Democratic primaries. Sanders just needs to keep winning at the 25% level in a fragmented field until its to late, while Biden, Buttigieg, Klobuchar, Steyer, and soon to be Bloomberg all compete for the same voting base.

It’s a rerun of 2016 Trump and Sanders has their base it’s big but not big enough to win without the other candidates syphoning votes from each other. If they truly wanted to beat Sanders they could be consolidating around a single candidate but they love the attention to much and will likely hang around to at least Super Tuesday when 16 states vote leaving the primaries halfway over.

You get no argument from me…I said all along that if the Republicans had only had 4 or 5 candidates early on in the February and March sections of the primaries in 2016, Trump would not have been able to cement a larger base, while the other 15 candidates were picking each other off…

The only difference is that I see the Democrats pairing down much more quickly…by the end of this month, I think there are only 4 candidates left. I think you will see Sanders, Warren, Bloomberg, Klobuchar and maybe Buttiegeg.

I think that Biden see’s the writing on the wall and so will most of the others still clawing for a spot on the stage. Then I think you’ll see Klobuchar or Buttiegeg out next. Neither have the money to hang with the others. Which is sad. I like both of them if I were to vote today it might be for Klobuchar.

Some of what Klobuchar says about some issues are too liberal for me. But other things she seems to be somewhat more right of center. It’s a hard call…I would have a somewhat hard time voting for a Minnesota liberal…but she’s not as bad as some from that state have been in the past.

Dems still insist on a Cookie-Cutter-Candidate.

There is nothing original about any of the Dem candidates.

I think there is originality among several of them. I just don’t think it’s good originality. That is the problem.

Or at the very least, nothing of note.

What’s a custom-cut non-standard frosted Democratic look like these days?

For the record, Andrew Yang was non-standard and would have done well, I think. Authentic guy, unique hook…

If he didn’t live in magic land where UBI grows on unicorns. :man_shrugging:

I can find agreement with a lot of this. Bloomberg and Biden are the most racist democrats in the field. Bloomer’s supporters are using all the usual defenses.

Bloomberg is doing a good job campaigning like a trump tweet. In the midst of all these clips of things he’s said, he makes an ad about Bernie’s supporters being too negative.

He’s getting into the “can’t stand ya” category.

Trump managed to convince people that his cheese doodle farts would absorb the entire national debt, so there is precedent for magic money!


I have to say that I am amazed that not one person has made a comment about Wall Street.

I don’t believe you. lol