ESG Scores is the New Social Credit Score for the USA

Is that what personal ESG scores are for?

My understanding is that personal ESG scores would be for financial lending institutions to use to decide who to give loans too. Essentially an extended credit report. Honestly its too soon to be able to decide if this is no big deal or a potential big deal… but as long as the government isn’t using your personal views to determine which services you have access to this just seems like more of the same capitalism taking advantage of the modern information age to build profiles for each of us.

No doubt if this personal ESG thing has legs that we will be needing and getting lots of new privacy regulations and what not.

Still doesn’t seem fascistic, though.

But if you’re insane, a pervert or support baby killing you’re golden.


Well you have fun with it, I am in no need of loans at this point.

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I’m a white heterosexual male… what could possibly go wrong?

That will probably lower your score.

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No, it isn’t.


Imagined grievance politics - just like grievance politics, but even sillier!

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I’ll put you down as you are ok with a social credit system like in China.


Why would you do a silly thing like that?

Tell me something.

Do you think Wall St. should be telling farmers how to run their farms?

That is exactly what is happening right now, courtesy of Carl Icahn.

What can possibly go wrong with that?

If “Wall Street” owns the farms, that’s their prerogative, isn’t it?

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What if I told you these social geniuses are pushing food trends that if fully implemented, will reduce the food supply by 2/3?

Would you be for it then?

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You don’t seem to understand what I’m saying. This isn’t about me be “for” or “against” anything.

I understand that you disagree with Mr. Icahn. Good for you. But it’s his money - you don’t get a say.

Yes it is.


No, it isn’t. But by all means, feel free to repeat yourself ad nauseum.

I think that whole series was predictive programming. :sweat_smile:

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You’re ■■■■■■■ even if you have been supporting the left all these years.

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The “Exxon Mobil Payback” made it a “federal” rule to be woke. We’re paying the price now.