ESCAPE FROM SF: New Tech Company Helps Residents ‘FLEE SAN FRANCISCO’

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A new technology company is hoping to cash-in on San Francisco’s rampant crime and spiking housing costs; launching a new platform that helps Bay Area residents flee the region for “greener pastures.”

‘Leaving the Bay Area’ was created by long-time resident Scott Fuller earlier this year and hopes to help residents relocate due to “housing costs, endless traffic, and anti-straw fanaticism.”

“Between high housing costs, endless traffic, and rising anti-straw fanaticism, more and more Bay Area residents are looking for greener, cheaper pastures,” writes the website.

“In a lot of cases they might have a good job here, they might be making a good income, but the money just doesn’t go very far with the cost of living and how much they’re having to pay on their mortgage each month,” Fuller adds.

A recent survey by the Bay Area Council found a stunning 46% of San Francisco residents planned on leaving the region within “the next few years.”

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