Erik Prince acknowledges attending 2016 Trump Tower meeting

And the plot thickens.

So Betsy Devos’ brother admits he was at the meeting to discuss Iran policy.

You guys want to know what Prince and Blackwater have done in the past? Or what his new companies do?

Spoiler: they murdered a bunch of Iraqis.

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This is really remarkable video. Why the hell would he be invited to weigh in on foreign policy?

Wow…all this time later, a new revelation…from someone who should have known? Wow.

“I haven’t heard form anybody in more than nine months”

I think you will here from someone now.


That’s just too funny.

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He has met with Mueller in depth. I doubt that this is a new revelation to him.

Mueller needs to come out with that report so we can set this to rest or start impeachment proceedings, whichever is appropriate.

This is how an interview should go.


Yes they did. And Prince told them to do it because they called Trump Orangeman and Cheetoboy.


I heard don jr. called his dad after the meeting.

bobby’s not done interfering in our elections.

Wow. He’s a terrible liar. I hope he doesn’t play poker.

Something is coming .
I like how these people are forcing their supporters to make excuses for their lying

When evangelicals cover for the lies of politicians it’s very curious. They once preached law & order.

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Own it

I got fed up with evangelicals in 2016 - and I’m an evangelical myself.


Personally. I didn’t even work Blackwater, mine was a different company and I wasn’t in Iraq and I received the coded message.

I wish I did own the company formally known as Blackwater.

Lest we forget:

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