Eric Trump must testify in response to a subpoena from the New York AG’s office

Eric is going to be really disappointed when he finds out executive privilege doesn’t apply to him.
Lock him up if he does not comply. He is not above the law.

Nice. Pick the least favored son.

Prime example how the left uses top state and federal law enforcement as a political weapon.


The irony.


By going after white collar crime.

Something that is really lacking in this country.

We need to do it more.


I heard a former IRS administrator say that if Trump had not become POTUS he might have gotten away with the shady doings that are now being investigated. When I heard Cohen talk about manipulating building values for tax, loan and insurance reasons it just all made sense. You can bet that the NYAG is going to be asking all the questions that they know the answers. And I do think that the Trump children work like their old man, with the sense that they are above the law.

I am curious as to if there is a modern day version of All County Building Supply and Maintenance.

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I have a hard time seeing there NOT being something similar in nature and structure. After all, it worked before for them.

If you remember the only way the NYT found out about it was that Trump’s Sister put it on a disclosure form when she became a judge. So I think that it is likely there is a clone that no one knows about.

Eric Trump? Donald never heard of him. He’s a low level employee who happens to have the same last name…


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There is an entire thread about that elsewhere. Need a link?


Eric is probably 10x’s smarter than NY’s AG. He will embarrass them .

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Here you go! Glad to be of help. :wink:


I believe the thread is about Eric trump.

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Good…I was confused by an off topic remark. I wonder when Eric trump will testify.

He has until the end of October 7th I believe. I wonder if he will be honest under oath or if he believes he is smart enough to lie and get away with it? My guess is he tells the truth. Every man for himself is the MO of this family.

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I wonder if they’ll try to fill another lawsuit or whatever to get out of testifying.

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I am not sure they have any other legal remedies at this point. I’m sure they’ll try something. But I am fairly confident that he is on the hook even if he is too scared. Tough ■■■■■