Eric Trump is hero

And how will this be (not) reported in the NINO press. (News In Name Only)…


Report: Eric Trump rushes to the aid of a woman having a medical emergency during NYC rush hour

Sarah Taylor Staff Writer (The Blaze)

Eric Trump, the son of President Donald Trump, is being hailed as a hero after coming to the aid of a woman suffering from a medical episode, and then running on foot through New York City rush hour traffic to flag down an ambulance to help the woman.

According a Monday report by the Washington Examiner, the incident took place last Wednesday in New York City.

The report noted that Trump had taken notice of a woman who’d passed out near a train station in the city, and an eyewitness — who wished to remain anonymous — told the outlet that Trump and his security detail rushed to the woman’s aid.

The outlet noted that the incident happened outside of the F train stop near 57th Street and 6th Avenue.

Shortly after addressing the woman’s medical circumstance, the 41-year-old Trump reportedly ran through rush hour traffic to flag down a passing ambulance, nearly being hit by a bicyclist in the process.

The eyewitness said, “I watched as Eric looked up, spotted an ambulance slowly passing by on 6th, ran into traffic — almost getting hit by a bicyclist — and shouted at the ambulance to get its attention.”

“Not sure if the ambulance had been called for or if Eric managed to hail one out of the blue, but in any case his sense of urgency was clear and he succeeded in getting the paramedics to stop and tend to the woman,” the eyewitness said.

The eyewitness added that most people didn’t even seem to notice what was happening.

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What an amazing man!

Exceptional man. Eric trump for president!!!

Lol anonymous sources.

Fake News.

Reminds me of the story Trump planted about him stopping an attack on the sidewalk in NY years ago. Anonymous sources discussed how brave and heroic he was. But the only person willing to put their name in the piece completely contradicted his planted version of events. These people, they aren’t even clever or original. :rofl:

-He furiously typed and then reached for another Cheeto.

Lol that’s exactly what I was thinking of.

An anonymous tipster watched, as Eric Trump looked up, saw an ambulance, and went running through NYC traffic, almost getting hit by a bicycle, and flagged down that ambulance. Phew! Quite the action movie scene. Lame.

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nearly being hit by a bicyclist

Golly gee! I hope Dip ■■■■ Daddy Donnie will give that little boy the Medal of Honor for his bravery.

Heroic? I would file that under good deed, heroic is an overstatement.

Before taking a drink of a fine Three Floyds Permanent Funeral, actually.

I don’t think that’s fair. If he did that, it would be an act of heroism.

Spoiler alert: He didn’t do that.

Lame is right. You can tell their script writing ability never surpassed that of reality television level. :joy:

It doesn’t take uncommon courage to chase down an ambulance.

Probably got lessons from Michael Cohen.


3 days later and I’m the first to like this? You’ve been robbed.

It’s nothing we all surely would have done in the same situation. Kudos for Eric for being NORMAL and helping a fellow human being! Otherwise…big deal.

Fake News.

I heard Eric once stopped an extraterrestrial alien invasion using only the Scotch tape and a wad of bubble gum he was employing to cure cancer.

I don’t know, it’s what I heard.

Seems staged.

Eric is not even Donald’s kid.