Eric Prince to privatize the Afghan war

Eric Prince is pushing his bid for the Afghan War hard this weekend. Just gave his sales pitch on Tucker, and ended it with a direct message to Trump claiming “we’re ready now, Mr President”.

Whaddya say, who wants to contract out our foreign policy to Erik Prince’s mercenaries? Can’t go any worse then last time, right?

Funny that Tucker’s next segment was about the looming threat of China.

Which makes me wonder why he didn’t ask Erik Prince if he was going to operate the war as Frontier Services group?

I am sure his sister is there lobbying for her brother.

What could possibly go wrong?

Echoes of Blackwater

Oh… it will be worse.

Trump’s surrounds himself with such selfless patriots

I mean… what could possibly go wrong?

Prince was a SEAL just like McRaven. In fact, it’s entirely possible McRaven was his boss at one time.

Oh and the “Afghan War” has been over since 2003.

well since his mayflower marshall plan didnt pan out yet…why not

Just want they need a bunch of private contractor running around with full immunity bossing their citizen around