Epstein Found Dead

The pressure of being falsely accused was just too much.

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Im sad this isnt going to trial


I don’t disagree, just pointing out that it’s genuinely hard to prevent it sometimes. Given how valuable he was there literally should have been someone watching him 24/7 though, imo. Cost be damned.

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But…didn’t he try and fail before being put on “suicide watch”?


You can bet there will be an investigation to see if anything else was going on, it wouldn’t exactly surprise me but neither would it being just plain incompetence.

There better be video inside the cells.

The Clinton’s had him killed to cover for Bill

Well of course he had to die. That cat was not going to get out of the bag. No matter how much he assured everyone he wouldnt talk He was too much of a ■■■■■ to kill himself. 24 hour cctv monitoring in his cell?

Mr. Kotter is still gonna need to see that note.

And the video mysteriously cut out just before he hung himself. These things happen.

Im sure Donald is sighing in relief right now.


100% a hit job.

It was never going to trial. We all knew this was going to happrn

Protecting more than that. Child molesters in prison get special treatment from the inmates.

When not if was the question that popped up in my mind when I heart he was arrested

There shouldn’t have been anything in the cell that was strong enough for someone to hang themselves with.

Epstein had more incentive to kill himself than most suicides. Far more.

Yup, shouldn’t.

Suicide Watch sure has lost its standards lately. :thinking:

No justice for the victims, no justice for the child predators and their powerful lib friends. What a shame.

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He got suicided.