Epic takedown of complicit media who ignored a recent Antifa attack in Portland

Libs are upset no one believes them any more. Cried “Wolf” 1000 times too often.

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Well that isn’t me…

Makes sense that Portland is a flashpoint, the city is, well, Portland but the areas surrounding it are deep into militias and the whole white nationalist thing.

Makes sense, considering the history of Oregons founding.

You obviously know nothing of the area around Portland. It is extremely liberal from south of there all the way to the Canadian border. You have to cross the cascades to any amount that could be considered enough surrounding Portland.

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Perfect example…

It’s long past time to declare at least Antifa if not both Antifa and BLM terrorist groups


Right. That’s why the Proud Boys are coming to Portland from Clackamas and Salem. :roll_eyes:

Uh huh. That’s why Patriot Prayer and the Proud Boys are coming from places like Salem.

I thought you like lived in Florida or something, are you just defending the good name of literally any region that you consider conservative?

Well we would have, but the city was burnt down to the ground years ago so there’s nobody left to do it. :roll_eyes:


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Dude just because there are a few around doesn’t mean they are surrounded by them.

I grew up there, any other stupid questions? What part of extremely liberal area did you not understand? How does someone from one town surround an area from Corvallis to the Canadian border? It is amazing libs always know who what and where these people are. Why is that?

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Florida or Oregon?

Oregon and WA

You’re an expert it really sucky answers that offer nothing. Up your game. Or we will think you are incapable of actual discussion.

Work on it.

Dude, you don’t even live here and are clearly talking out of your backside. :roll_eyes:

Questions and topics from posters that see ANTIFA and FBI plots in everything, get the responses they deserve… Call’em as I see em’. And god forbid I don’t meet with your approval, what ever will I do…lol

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I used to and my family still does, if you think a few in Salem can surround Portland you are ignorant. Corvallis to Bellingham is about as liberal as it gets. Deny it all you want.