EPIC FAIL: Bill and Hillary Speak to EMPTY STADIUMS, Tickets at $6, Down 90%

Originally published at: https://www.hannity.com/media-room/epic-fail-bill-and-hillary-speak-to-empty-stadiums-tickets-at-6-down-90/

The 13-city multinational tour featuring Bill and Hillary Clinton continued to struggle this week, with scores of empty seats plaguing the speaking engagements and tickets selling for as little as $6 moments before the event.

According to the Daily Wire, the tickets are plummeting from their initial price of $75-100 after the announcement of the Clinton’s “World Tour,” with Democrats and supporters deciding to pass on the hour-long interview.

“There are a few likely reasons for the Clinton downturn: for starters, they’re overexposed. The Clintons have been a fixture of the political landscape for the last decade, and there are few new stories they can tell audiences. Also, unlike Michelle Obama, who has been getting very raw and personal in her speeches, the Clintons don’t take even calculated risks. Their stage shows — like their campaigns and their paid speeches — are heavily edited and focus-grouped, designed to reveal only what the Clintons want audiences to see,” writes the Daily Wire.

Earlier this week Hillary raised eyebrows among political insiders when she joked about “standing for Parliament” during the Clinton’s joint stop in Toronto, Canada.

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Democrats will fall in line just like they did with Pelosi. They will bitch and whine about it but their hatred towards republican/Conservative is too strong.

Not sure I follow you here? Doesn’t this show that much of their popularity was in big part due to their political influence, which now is virtually gone?

And here I though Nancy Pelosi political influenced weaned.

Never Nancy didn’t last long now did it?

I liked this article.