ENOUGH: Trump Considers Declaring ‘National Emergency’ to Secure Border Wall Funding | Sean Hannity

President Trump took his ongoing budget battle with congressional Democrats to the next level this week; saying he may “declare a national emergency” to secure funding for his signature campaign promise: a border wall between the US and Mexico.

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Please do it. Quit mucking about with the democrats. Rather than have the shutdown go on and on, use your power and build the wall. But what ever path you take Mr. President, do not cave.

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Absolutely do not cave!

This is for those of you who love God and truly want to know what is going on, for the rest of you… move along there’s nothing for you to see here.
I know a man who was born near the end of World War 2 and is alive on the earth today. The Lord spoke to him up there before He put him in his mother’s womb. When He put him in his mother’s womb he had 3 months to go before he would be delivered out of his mother’s womb. He remembers all of this and what I’m about to tell you now. He knew there was evil in the delivery room, and if God had not been there he would have not been delivered alive. He was delivered with forceps. He came here with understandings from the Lord. He knew that we were very near the conclusion of God’s use for the earth as such. God is in perfect control of the speed with which He is allowing things to come about. He created our young country partly as a way to control the speed that He is allowing His conclusion to come about. The U. S. is the biggest obstacle to a one-world-government. No other country’s citizens have had the rights and freedoms that our citizens have had.
God is not religious, rather He is faithful, and most of what parades around on the earth today under the banner of “religion” is far from God. Did you know that man cannot ordain man, only God can ordain man ? Did you know that there are two types of people planted on the earth ? Now draw your chair up closer and listen carefully. It’s not rich versus poor, or democrats versus republicans, or cat lovers versus dog lovers. Now get this, it’s which spiritual father planted you here. God, or Lucifer ! See it for yourself, the Lord said God planted the children of the kingdom of heaven down here, and his enemy the devil planted the children of the wicked one down here. (gospel of Matthew chapter 13, versus 37-39)
The time that God is allowing the devil is getting very short now, and the devil has told this to his children spiritually, and they are desperately scrambling to bring all of their spiritual brothers and sisters together under a world wide government in an attempt to make a stand through safety in numbers against God and the wrath that He will be bringing with Him.
It appears that the U. S. will not succumb to the world wide government because we have been told that the U. S. (represented by the eagles wings in the book of revelations) will be a viable protector of Israel during the final 3 & 1/2 years before the Lord returns for His and God’s wrath comes down on the rest.
Satan’s (Lucifer’s) children have not accepted this and that is why they have staged an all out attempt against all sense and rationale to try and destroy our borders and security and ultimately force us to submit to the world government. It is interesting to watch them try to fight against God, and with Trump in the middle. He will only succeed when he puts all of his faith in God and trusts God with the attitude of Esther of “if I perish, I perish”. All of the marbles are on the table now, and many of His children only come to trust in God when we are faced with no other alternative other than obvious destruction.
By the way, both God’s children and the devil’s children were planted in every nation, kindred(race), and tongue, and are even intermingled in the same families ! The Lord said that in a family of 5 it would be 3 against 2, or 2 against 3. And He said, “any man who loves mother or father more than me is not worthy of me, and any man who loves son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me”. (gospel of Matthew chapter 10, verse 37)
He also said that we would know them by their fruits. Did you know that Sal Alinsky (author of “Rules for Radicals” which he dedicated to Lucifer in the introduction, and which Obama and Hillary swear by) said in the year before he died that he hoped that when he died that he would go to hell ?
Can you think of anything sicker than waiting until the body of flesh that the soul of one of God’s children is planted into is fully formed and coming through the birth canal, and then going in and sucking out it’s brains and saving the organs and body parts ? Wasn’t it a woman in charge of planned parenthood who said, " give me a Ferrari and I’ll get you all of the body parts you want" ? With the U. S. and the world feeding Satan’s blood lust through millions of abortions will God’s soon return catch you off guard ? If abortion was considered acceptable by God under any conditions including the health of the mother, there would only be 11 tribes of Israel. Jacob’s beloved wife Rachel would have lived and the son she died in giving childbirth to, Benjamin (which she named “son of my pain”) would have died ! One last note about the man I mentioned in the beginning of this post. He told me that he grew to recognize the spiritual enemies of the household he was planted in. As the Lord said, “and a man’s enemies will be they of his own household”. (gospel of Matthew chapter 10 verse 36) .