ENOUGH: Donald Trump Jr. EXPLODES on Peter Fonda After Barron Threat | Sean Hannity

Donald Trump Jr. exploded on Hollywood actor James Fonda Wednesday, blasting the “sick individual” after he viciously suggested Barron Trump should be kidnapped and held in a “cage” over his father’s immigration policies.

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Yeah man, Peter or James Fonda (whichever), you’re sick man! What kind of monster would threaten to separate a child from their parents? :roll_eyes:


There was a threat against Trump’s child? Is the Secret Service acting on it? If not, why?

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Because this is not a credible threat. Nobody seriously believes Peter Fonda is going to try to kidnap Barron Trump. It’s a rhetorical mechanism for pointing out the absurd cruelty of separating children from their parents, and judging from the results, it looks as though they can understand that this is cruel, but only when their own children are used as an example.

He was encouraging others to do it. That old degenerate was probably drunk tweeting. You liberal degenerates have serious reading comprehension.

uh, gee, I do believe while Barron commits no crime, the crime is KIDNAPPING a child and placing him with pedophiles.

I know, facts and reality just don’t mix with Democrats.

It was posted on Twitter. What happened to @Jack’s new policy of no threats, no offensive language, no targeting, no encouraging others to attack people. Seems like liberal’s didn’t get the message. I’m locked for 7 days, on one account for a lot less than old fool fonda is doing. I reported that account from 3accounts. Not one reply back from safety.

The Secret Service is not allowed to take threats seriously when they come from Twitter? Where are you getting this information?

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Shocker that you’ve been banned from Twitter. LOL


Rosanne lost her show for saying something only half as stupid. Peter Fonda will lose nothing. Hypocritical left. I don’t feel it was a real threat, but a very ignorant thing to say. Especially since this “policy” does not belong to Trump. It started before Trump he just is ramping up border patrol. Now he signed an executive order to end it, and the left is still bitching!

Roseanne was fired by a private company that didn’t want to be associated with a racist. Who does Peter Fonda work for?

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Sony pictures…

I’m sorry but did you not read the article

Fonda hasn’t appeared in any films since 2009.

but they said two Fonda names. Which is correct. Peter may not,but what about James? In saying “someone should” that plants a seed, and someone MIGHT!

He has a movie debut for Boundaries on June 22nd as well as involvement in 12 other films since 2009. God I wish people would use a simple google search before commenting and looking ignorant. He also does Mercedes Benz commercials.

I hope the Secret Service also grabs his computer to find all his possible pedophilia on it, like was found on Weiner’s laptop. Anyone who would suggest what Peter Fonda did, indicates to me a predilection toward that subject matter.

So it’s ok to joke about kidnapping. What other threats can we chalk up to jokes?

I’m pretty sure that most countries around the world remove children from their parents when the parents put them in dangerous situations, especially if the parents are breaking the law. It sounds like you and your fellow unhinged liberals are advocating for these children to be forced into staying with their parents even though it’s clear that the parents are not only criminals but also placing their children in extremely dangerous situations. I suggest you do a little research and you will see just how inhumane and dangerous the road to America is for these unaccompanied and undocumented children (some as young as 3 years old). The “cages” that you libs call horrible are a welcomed respite as well as the safest place these children have ever had in their lives.

Don Jr. is a fraud yelling about Fonda and Vietnam hey DON JR. YOUR DAD IS A DRAFTDODGER YOU FOOL#CAPTAINBONESPURS