Energy Star comes out with thermostat advice that is moronic

Perhaps Energy Star should just stick to putting those labels on appliances. Their attempt at giving thermostat advice didn’t go over so well.

My brother actually told me about this one, while talking on the phone from Florida. He heard about it on the local (Orlando) news. Energy Star said to keep the thermostat at 78 while at home, 85 while away from home and 82 at night. He said the news anchors openly ridiculed the idea and found it rather funny at best. His and my view as well. :smile:

The advice is particularly moronic in high humidity areas such as Florida, Southern California, much of the Deep South and areas of Texas. In much of those areas, Air Conditioning is as much about humidity control as temperature control and with insufficient temperature control, it is not possible to have sufficient humidity control.

78 is the bare minimum setting in a high humidity area, period. In the summer, you must control the humidity or mildew will set in, damaging the house. And it simply is not very livable above that point in any event. And at night, if anything, people such as myself need it cooler. I need a cool, dry humidity bedroom for comfortable and adequate sleep.

Then the issue of turning it up to 85 while away from the home. In a place like Florida, you will lose everything you saved during the day, while the air conditioner fights to get the house temperature down from 85 to 78.

If your leaving the house for an extended period, such as a vacation, I could see turning it up to 82 to cut costs, but you still need to control humidity.

For me in Pennsylvania it is a bit easier. I set up portable A/C’s in the bed and around the house, usually during the first week of June and operate them as needed during the summer, usually taking them down about the middle of September. Most of the summer, I need only operate the bedroom units at night, running the other units only during late July and August heatwaves.

At my house under construction in North Carolina, there will be a dual central A/C system, that will allow the master bedroom and other areas to be kept at a cooler temperature than the rest of the house. Fortunately, the climate at that location will result in a very limited period each summer requiring A/C.

Where do these Energy Star people live? Minnesota??? Canada???

Certainly not from down south if they came up with a silly idea like that. :smile:

Turning off the air conditioner at night and opening up the windows. Wonder how THAT would work out in Florida. :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


*extremely minor nitpick: Southern California is dry, not humid

Was the dumbest thing I ever read.

I drop my thermostat to 68 at night. That’s the highest I can keep it and still sleep comfortably on humid nights.

82 at night? Are they friggin insane?!?!?!?!?

I was probably thinking central or northern California.

fwiw I agree with your premise

This is more of elitists snobbery. They want you to suffer while they live in comfort. At some point I suspect libs will be pushing for laws and regulations that limits your thermostat range.

Like heat won’t work above 68 while air condition won’t work below 82.

Yes because that’s how libs in this thread are reacting. We’re not saying that it’s an absurd suggestion but showing outrage that it isn’t a law. :thinking:

Idk how people in the 1800s survived summer humidity

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Hardier people for the most part. Or tougher.

Plus to be fair they built their houses to optimize natural draft cooling. Shot gun houses in particular are optimized for draft cooling.

Modern houses are designed for air conditioning, particularly central air. Without air conditioning they quickly become uninhabitable because they are not constructed for effective draft cooling.


To reply to the op this idea is just dumb.

I live in Mississippi. If you want to see this state riot pass a law limiting our thermostat ranges. It’s god awful hot from July-late August here. With near total humidity.

True I remember seeing something about houses in the middle east being built to naturally let air flow circulate / cool with various ports and stuff. Pretty neat

What libs say…and what they advocate are 2 different things.

20 years ago they all denied they’re progress.
10 years ago they all denied being socialist.
Today they’re denying being commies.

What will tomorrow bring?


Can you (or your brother) provide a cite for these claims, apart from Rush Limbaugh, which is where I heard them too?

Thanks in advance.

Probably more foaming at the mouth, hair on fire, LIB LIB LIB LIB scaremongering.

Seriously-this thermostat thing is just as dumb as the idea that we would legalize animal marriage after gay marriage became legal. That doesn’t mean there will never be SOMEONE advocating for it, but that doesn’t mean that there’s any significant movement to try to make it happen.

And remember, this is TRUMP’s EPA and Department of Energy and Energy Star that made this recommendation. Has nothing to do with Dems.


72 here in jersey why would any jersey lib keep it 82.

That’s insane.


As an aside, I doubt my brother has ever listened to Rush Limbaugh in his life. He is actually fairly non-political, but his wife is decidedly to the left. :smile:

Here is a link from a mainstream source.

The recommendations conflict with every guideline for comfort, including OSHA.

They are stupid and only helpful for someone who wants to save money.

Thank you!

No way I’m doing that.

I should rephrase it, the reporting on this is stupid and should highlight that this was focused on cost savings.

Why are you so bitter at people who are more successful than you? Did you lose your bootstraps?

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