Enemy of the People

The President of the United States…

I can feel the healin startin already…

Libs are demanding that the United States demand the annexation of the city to Moscow. Nothing short of that will satisfy them. Trump probably could negotiate that too, but he wants to have a good relationship with Putin. We’ll aim a little bit lower than that.

There is no way that that kind of rhetoric is dangerous in any way.

Can’t see how that isn’t bad at all…


Not a bit.

Dangerous shangerous. He knows exactly what he’s doing.

He didn’t write that.

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On the other hand, he did say this:

‘We would make a great deal with the United Kingdom because they have product that we like. I mean they have a lot of great product. They make phenomenal things, you know, and you have different names - you can say “England”, you can say “UK”, you can say “United Kingdom” so many different - you know you have, you have so many different names - Great Britain. I always say: “Which one do you prefer? Great Britain? You understand what I’m saying?’

PIERS MORGAN: You know Great Britain and the United Kingdom aren’t exactly the same thing?

‘Right, yeah. You know I know, but a lot of people don’t know that. But you have lots of different names. The fact is you make great product, you make great things. Even your farm product is so fantastic.

Isn’t Great Britain in western Europe and the United Kingdom somewhere east of there?

I thought the same exact thing when I saw it earlier today.

The old “a lot of people don’t know that” standing in for “something I just now learned”

I know what you mean, but I quibble with the word “learned”: I don’t think he could actually explain the difference between Great Britain and the UK, do you?

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Haha +1. You must be thinking of the same thread I was

If liberals didn’t want to be enemies of the people why are they trying so hard to be disagreeable with our President? He’s the leader. What he says goes. Why don’t you just shut up and take it. It’d make things easier for all of us.

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Either my sarcasm meter is broken, or you forgot the entirety of the last presidency.

I’m hoping its the former.

Most likely your sarcasm meter is broken. I do that to a lot of people. I haven’t checked for this instance, but i encourage you to make a readjust.

Oh, yeah. Fix your filter. You don’t know me.

Donald is not well.

Oooh…”enemy of the people”…very Lenin/Stalinesque. Hope no one shoots any reporters over that one…

If Democrats didn’t want to be attacked by the government they wouldn’t be so critical of the people at the top of our government. Don’t they know that those with power have the ability to attack back? Who do you think is going win? Some lowly reporter, or the head of a government agency? If Trump has your back, you’re going to be all right.

Look at Pruitt. It took a lot of effort to take him down. But if the pressure wasn’t so intense, as it was, Trump would have been able to protect him. Being close to Trump is the best policy for maintaining a position in the government.

He stayed back at the hotel…

I have done no such thing.

Why are you falsely accusing me?